Different Solutions For Industrial Water Treatment

January 19, 2018

Solutions for industrial water treatment consist of specifically designed water treatment techniques that help various companies with filtered water and useable process water as well as carrying out efficient wastewater management. This is achieved by using a variety of key technologies and water processes from regional and international experts that specialize in industrial water treatment. These technologies and processes have been demonstrated locally and globally.

Benefits Of Industrial Water Treatment

Business strategies are developed to improve industrial water treatment and wastewater treatment systems. Environmentally friendly and innovative water treatment solutions, like Vexo Products, is definitely the best way to go. Effectively combining industrial water treatment with customized business strategies offers numerous benefits for customers:

  • It reduces costs and enhances savings.
  • Aiming for ongoing improvement.
  • Operational excellence.
  • Creating direct access to demonstrated water technical innovations and technologies.
  • Reducing waste and recovering co-products.
  • Specialist and dedicated resources.
  • Delivering excellent environmental, safety and health management.
  • Committing to the success of businesses.

Standardized or tailored solutions for industrial water treatment and wastewater treatment systems are created and implemented. Industrial engineers use their expertise and operational experience to deliver crucial solutions for industrial water treatment.

Industrial Water System Solutions

Industrial water systems are classified include water treatment processes and wastewater treatment.

  • Water treatment processes consist of reverse osmosis plants, water purification technologies and water purification plants. The processes enable customers to access treatment for industrial water for clean and process water in accordance with industry standards and regulatory requirements. Find out more about industrial ro water system
  • Containerized or modular plants are easily transported and designed with minimal movable parts. Water purification technologies facilitate water that is highly purified for potable water and specialized industrial use. Reverse osmosis plants achieve water reuse and recycling and play a key role in the objective for no liquid discharge.
  • Wastewater treatment solutions integrate wastewater treatment technologies, treatment chemicals, package plants and industrial wastewater treatment. Wastewater treatment adheres to potable or process water standards with key benefits to the industry.
  • Wastewater treatment technologies have been designed to meet stringent purification and disinfection specifications. Wastewater package plants offer numerous economic benefits. They are easy to transport, reliable and compact. Industrial wastewater treatment offers solutions for different industries.


Industrial water treatment is aimed at helping companies generate process water in line with industry standards, manage wastewater properly and discharge water without causing environmental damage as well as recycling plant water that can be reused.

Solutions for industrial water treatment are developed for various markets, including automotive plants, steel processing, pulp and paper, power plant, pharmaceutical, mine water, food and beverage, oil and gas production, hotels, electronics, plastics, chemical production and biotech.


Industrial water system services include the following.

  • Designing, constructing and maintaining industrial water treatment for potable and sewage water plants.
  • Managing water activities that include industrial water treatment for reusing contaminated water.
  • Water desalination by using reverse osmosis, crystallization, evaporation and other techniques.
  • Chemicals supply.
  • Cooling water treatment and boiler feed water with membrane filtration and separation.
  • Water utilities.


An effective water system ensures that that your discharge water complies with state regulatory guidelines in your industry. Modern water treatment technology helps to deliver cost-effective and optimal water treatment solutions for commercial and industrial businesses.

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