Work That Can Fill The Urge To Travel

January 25, 2018

Human beings all have it hard-wired into their nature to love seeking out new adventures and traveling to new places. Like most people, your main break over the summer is probably what you spend the rest of the year dreaming about! For many people now, traveling the world more frequently is a real option and something that you may even be thinking of doing. There is, although, one small obstacle in your way — money. As much as being a free spirit and enjoying the traveling lifestyle is cool, you still need money to pay for it.

One superb solution that many people go for now is to get into a career that provides this travel opportunity, however also pays a salary. This enables you to not only fill your travel urge while earning, but also to build a career at the same time.

The Best Jobs For International Travel

Of course, when considering this option, you may want a job that gives the chance to travel from country to country regularly. Here are some of the best that you can go for to do just that:

  • Flight Crew: We start off with one of the most enduringly popular ways to work and travel at the same time. The attraction is obvious, as you get to jet around to locations all across the globe and have a pretty good time doing it. Just make sure to apply for a long-haul position if you want to get to all the most glamorous spots and have time to explore them a bit.
  • Military Services: Another great sector to get into for filling your travel urge is the military. From pilots to soldiers to sailors, you will get lots of opportunities to see the world while making new friends and picking up valuable skills for life.
  • Teaching English Abroad: This option has become very popular in recent times and it is easy to see why. As long as you have a high standard of English and the right qualifications, you can pretty much choose your location. Most contracts will only be year by year also, so you can hop from country to country while still working.
  • Cruise Ship Staff: This is similar in some ways to becoming a flight attendant, but on the water. The chance to spend winters in Hawaii and summers sailing on the Med is very tempting to many. The pay is good, and it will definitely fill your travel urge to the full. Jobs are usually advertised direct on the big-name cruise company websites. The choice of role is vast, from bar tender to musician, which is another factor that draws people in.

What If I Want To Travel In My Own Country?

Just because you like to see new places does not always mean that you want to travel abroad. If you want to roam around in your own country, but need a job to help you do this, there are options. One of the best is getting a job as a delivery driver, since this will see you being able to visit all parts of your country, as you make your deliveries.

Even traditional corporate jobs such as sales manager can see you whizzing from one end of the country to the other. Many will involve stopovers at hotels paid for by your company, which will give a little time to explore the town or city in which you are staying.

Traveling For Work Can Really Take You Places

For most people, the attraction of this sort of career path is the opportunity that it gives for travel. However, all of them will also equip you with vital life skills that can serve you well in later life. When you decide to move on to another role, the knowledge that you have picked up will be most useful.

There are many examples of people serving in the military that have then used the skills they learnt to branch out into other sectors, including politics. As shown on the Mark Green Twitter account, a career in these types of industries is the perfect preparation for moving on to a high-flying career afterwards.

Combining Travel And Work Makes Perfect Sense

When you think about it, combining your career with your love of traveling makes perfect sense. It means that you get to see the world or your country while earning money and building a life for yourself. Traveling without money is no fun at all, and being stuck in a job that pays, but only sees you go as far as the water cooler is worse. By moving into one of the above roles, you are finding the best solution to your needs.

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