Have You Really Prepared For A Family Vacation?

January 28, 2018

Whether it is mom, dad, or both who are tasked with planning a family vacation, preparation can sometimes be a chore. From choosing the right hotel to organizing day excursions or kid-friendly activities, a little planning goes far to making sure those special times today become the cherished memories of the future.

It is easy to get lost in the joy and excitement of your first time visiting Europe, or a dream trip to Australia, but the earlier you start planning, the sooner you can sit back with a pen and cross those days off your calendar. As someone who has experience traveling individually, with a partner and with all the family, will tell you, things such as travel insurance, reading reviews on hotels, and ensuring the resort you will be staying is safe has to be the top priorities.

Before you head to the airport, make sure you have these things covered:

Travel Insurance

Perhaps the golden rule for travelers, and even more important for those with young children, is to always make sure you are protected. While it is tempting to skip insurance, seeing as you were insured for the past few years and nothing happened, having no insurance can get you into a lot of trouble if something happens, forbid.

If there are specific wants and needs, read up on the different types of travel insurance and work out what is best for you and your family.

Is Your Destination Suitable?

Heading to Machu Picchu with three kids under the age of five? Probably not a good idea, in all honesty. Always make sure that the environment and location are suitable for your needs. Climate, transport, stuff for the kids, and weather should all be assessed in order to gauge if it is right. The wrong choice could spell for broken dreams and a long, long time far away from home.

Is The Accommodation Right For A Family Of Your Size?

Picture a long day at the beach in intense heat, unusual food, and an even longer day tomorrow visiting attractions miles apart. All you want is to wind down with your partner and kick back for an hour before sleep. The only problem is, of course, is that the kids are jumping up and down on the bed. The only bed. . .

Make sure to check that there are ample means to book separate rooms for children, providing they are safe and old enough to be unsupervised. Maybe you have children with additional needs, such as wheelchair access or dietary requirements, so ensure you are ahead of the game to avoid any unexpected surprises.

Plan for Your Memories

While you cannot plan for everything, you can certainly plan for a lot. For a dream family vacation, it is always advisable to research where, when and how you are getting there, and what will contribute to a better time for everyone. Make a list, check as you go along and have the time of your life with the ones you love dearest.

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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