When In Rome: Four Things To Do When Visiting This Ancient City

February 27, 2018

Rome. Italy’s stunning capital is a cosmopolitan city, boasting over 3,000 years’ worth of art, architecture, history, and culture. It really must be seen to be believed! But when visiting this sprawling city, it can be difficult to know where to begin, which is why here you will find a few ideas of how you can spend your time in this majestic and wonderous city. Whether you are looking for a real taste of Italy and want to sample what is arguably the best food in the world, or you are looking to broaden your mind with stunning artwork and monuments — Rome will oblige.

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The Colosseum

A symbol of the power of Imperial Rome, the Colosseum is a true wonder of architecture and is the biggest amphitheatre ever built. Imagine the thousands of gladiatorial fights that took place here as you stroll through this crumbling monument, not to mention the majestic lions, the smell and roar of the crowd who loved every moment as the drama unfolded. Try to visit as early as you can or as late in the day as possible to avoid the large crowds.

The Trevi Fountain

An icon in this city of monuments and famous landmarks, the Trevi Fountain is glorious to behold. Tritons and winged horses adorn this stunning fountain that is renown the world over. In the water you may catch a glimpse of the thousands of coins that are thrown in by tourists every day. These are in fact collected and used to fund supermarkets for the poor. Do not forget to take a picture!

The Vatican City

Who could visit Rome, without taking a trip to the world’s smallest city state and the HQ of the Roman Catholic Church. Bursting with the works of Michael Angelo and others, those looking for breathtaking artistry and architecture won’t be disappointed. The beauty of the Italian Renaissance can be seen in all its glory throughout this stunning area, and if you wish to see the Pope, you can visit St Peter’s Square and join a Papal Audience for a blessing on Sundays at Noon. Trust me, the blisters are worth it!

Piazza Navona

If you are hoping to rest your aching feet and sample some of Rome’s fare, then the Piazza Navona is where you need to be. This stunning square has a fountain decorated by Benini at its heart. It’s many terraced cafes and exquisite restaurants make it a popular place for locals and visitors alike to take a break from the bustling city. If you want to try an authentic plate of spaghetti and meatballs, then now is the time. Do not forget to follow that with a bowl of delicious tiramisu. Delizioso!

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