How Did the CBD Awareness Begin and Why?

March 8, 2018

There is a lot of information about cannabidiol on the internet as well as in magazines and various medical publications. You could arm yourself with the history of Cannabidiol, better known as CBD. For instance, did you know that it halted an epileptic seizure in the United States of America on national TV?

That definitely made the scientists sit up and take notice. They came up with some interesting findings. Apart from arresting a seizure in progress, so to say, they found that:

  • It stops spasms.
  • It soothes an anxious person.
  • It alleviates chronic pain

These are just a few of what this compound can do. They were also excited to discover that it does all this without making the patient high! A cursory search on gives you so much information about this herb and how it works. However, following is some basic information.

CBD: the Definition

By now you must be wondering what this CBD is all about. CBD or cannabidiol, as earlier described, is a compound that is found in cannabis. Thus, the earlier allusion to getting ‘high’ as that is mostly what cannabis is known for.

Another compound found in cannabis is THC, or in full, tetrahydrocannabinol. Quite a mouthful, isn’t it? Now, THC is what is what gets you on some level with the clouds. CBD is extracted strictly for its medical benefits of which it has myriads.

The medicinal potential of cannabidiol is gaining more attention. It is used in oil form by patients. It has been prescribed for patients with serious conditions like cancer and epilepsy. For the treatment of these conditions, CBD is extracted from strong varieties of the cannabis plant.

Why has it taken this long to discover the medical benefits of CBD?

It boggles the mind seeing as the cannabis plant has been around for as long as vegetation has been around. The only information available about the plant is its intoxicating qualities, which are definitely not debatable. The fact that a compound within the plant can and has been used for medical purposes is quite recent.

This is mainly because those that were growing the ‘weed’ only focused on the THC content of it. CBD was completely overlooked. After all, it did not make anyone high. It was not until a couple of brothers started developing it that CBD was found to have some value.

They found that:

  • Strains high in CBD and low in THC have a psychoactive effect, not one that will get anyone high.
  • Cannabis high in CBD can calm excited users without giving them the proverbial high.

These findings led to the treatment of a young patient who was suffering from multiple seizures and thus, the age of the cannabidiol was on.

Researchers have established that CBD and THC do not connect with the same receptors. Therefore, their effect on the user is not the same. One calms while the other gets them high.

There is a lot more to learn about cannabidiol and its medical benefits and you can get that information from a site like and other related sites which can even give you a list of products that are infused with cannabidiol that you can try out.

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  1. Rachel Attwood

    Thank you for helping raise awareness on CBD oil. No doubt the Cannabis plant has tremendous wasted potential, not just as a herbal supplement/medicine, but also as a material for fabrics, ropes, and even construction. Grateful to see that we’re all opening our eyes to its goodness.


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