Waste Segregation At Source: Why Is It So Important For Solid Waste Management

April 10, 2018

We have achieved considerable success in providing the necessities that are basic to people — from food to drinking water, energy, and economic opportunities. However, the picture is far from encouraging when we look at solid waste management.  Almost the whole world is grappling to find proper solutions in handling solid waste, so that we can reduce the burden of waste that is causing irreversible damage to the planet that we live in. Change needs to take place, and it is most effective when everyone takes part in it. Finding something like an ewm dumpster rental in your area can be beneficial for you and your neighborhood. It can encourage recycling that can help keep the earth clean and the trash as organized as it can be.

To make the earth a better place for future inhabitants, it is our moral responsibility to take proper steps to ensure that solid waste management contributes to creating a healthy environment and reduces the load of pollution. For effective solid waste management, it is necessary to support it with proper waste segregation plan. In this article, we will discuss why companies like Waste Focus that specializes in waste management, attach so much importance to waste segregation.

Recycling Waste Is The Objective

Disposal of waste is a huge problem whether you incinerate it or use it for landfill. Although the waste vanishes from view, it does not help much to reduce the level of pollution, which is the ultimate goal of waste management. An ideal solution is to recycle as much waste as possible, so that it reduces the overall pollution load and then dispose of the remaining portion by ensuring that it does not have any negative impact on the environment. With recycling as the main weapon to reduce pollution, we must channelize the waste for recycling by segregating it right at the point of generation.

The Importance Of Segregation At Source

If you can segregate waste at source, it is like winning half the battle.  The major problems that you face in managing solid waste would reduce considerably. The best part of the approach is that neither it costs you anything nor does it take time. Only you need to behave responsibly to achieve the goal of waste segregation. To boost the activity of waste recycling, it is a basic necessity to focus on waste segregation that helps to identify the degradable and non-biodegradable components of the waste.  Since the degradable waste is organic, its disposal in the earth does not cause any harm. The no-biodegradable waste is the inorganic part that is good for recycling. The greatest danger is when the inorganic waste finds its way back to the earth and increases the pollution load besides causing other damages to the environment.

Waste Becomes A Raw Material For Manufacturing

The inorganic waste reaches the market that deals in scrap materials where further segregation breaks it into its elements like paper, plastic, metal, etc. These materials ultimately pass through the market chain and reach the manufacturers who use it as raw material. What was a waste at one point in time now acquires new value as it goes through the manufacturing process for conversion into something useful?

What Else Can I Do?

Recycling is the start of a journey to becoming more green within your home. Residential Solar panels are the ideal next step. The initial outlay is recouped quickly over a number of years, and it is very enjoyable to know that your energy in sunny periods is very satisfying. You can also consider adding water reduction blocks to your toilet cistern, and even a compost pile outside.

The activity of waste segregation that aids recycling contributes to the economy besides eliminating the possibilities of enhancing pollution in the name of better solid waste management.

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