3 Major Advantages of Staying in Furnished Apartments instead of Hotel Rooms

April 16, 2018

Traveling for business can be a tiring experience especially if you don’t know where to stay while away. Usually, your travel is coupled up with meetings or training that leave you so drained. Normally, you are put in a hotel room in the middle of the city where there isn’t much comfort.

You should consider getting a short rental apartment the next time you need to travel for work or even vacation. These apartments are serviced and very comfortable for an individual or family. Unlike the hotels, the serviced apartments allow you to live like it’s your home for the few or many days you are there. You actually get the home feel that helps you relax and unwind from the long days out there.

Why choose to stay in an apartment instead of a restaurant?

  1. You get more space to relax and even work – The apartments provide a relaxed atmosphere that gives you enough space to relax and work as well. The hotel room only has two areas – the bed area and the bathroom area, which tend to be very small compared to the apartment.  With an apartment, you get a fully furnished house that has a small office where you can easily sit and finish your work before your next meeting. At the apartment, you get a full sized bathroom which gives you the opportunity to wash and relax, which is important.
  2. You get your own privacy – Business meetings can run for so many hours of the day and often into late evenings or early mornings. There is nothing as uncomfortable as asking for your room keys all the time at the reception when you have been in meetings all day and you come in late and tired. The last thing you want is to wait for the receptionist to finish with the phone calls so you can politely ask for your room keys. An apartment saves you from all this. When you are tired beyond talking, you can simply open the door and hop into the shower and then straight to bed. You can easily come in and go out when you want because you are in control. You can invite a friend you meet and have dinner with them without breaking any rules.
  3. You can control your diet and wellbeing – Because of business travels, most people end up eating anything and never really thinking about what they eat. Eating in the hotel after a long day leaves one with little to no choice on what to eat. You have to choose between high-calorie mealsand something that you don’t really want to eat. The apartment, on the other hand, gives you the freedom to eat what you want and not just what is being served.

These are just but a few reasons why you should get an apartment instead of a hotel room.  You can easily look up furnished apartments or ask companies like Travis Hyde properties to link you to what you are looking for. It makes it easier when someone else is helping you look for the very best apartments for you.

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