Tips to Help You Choose the Best Tile and Natural Stone

April 19, 2018

The selection of natural stone and tile for your floor and working areas can be overwhelming, confusing, and challenging for any homeowner. This is because of the countless choices available that you have to choose from. If you are re-decorating or restoring your old house or building a new house, then you need to be informed. Here are a few tips that will help you select the best tile and stone for your home or commercial property.


The first consideration when choosing tiles or natural stone is its appearance. With the countless options available today, you should never settle for stones that do not look stunning. You should determine the type of décor that is in your house so that you can choose something that will blend with it. If your room is elegant, then granite or marble will be an ideal choice.

Traffic and wear

When choosing tile and natural stone, you should determine the usage and traffic that it will be subjected to. Some natural stones are very soft and may not be suitable for areas that will withstand high traffic. Traffic and usage of the tile or natural stone is an important factor to consider because it will determine the durability of the surface.

Acid resistance and stain

When choosing your tile and natural stone, you should determine its usage in your house so that you know how easy it will etch or stain. Some natural stones like marble may require sealing to prevent staining agents from seeping in. Stones and tiles that are more absorbent tend to stain easily, especially when not sealed. In addition, acid-sensitive stones may easily be etched when they are exposed to acidic liquids, for example, marble. For professional and quality work, consider Sandifer’s Stone And Tile Care services.


Many injuries occur every year because of falling and slipping. When choosing your stone or tile, you must ensure that it is not slippery. For example, highly polished granite tiles are a poor choice for your shower floor as they are a safety hazard. Flamed, honed, and textured finishes are usually less slippery.  Make sure that you inquire about the treatments that can be used on your stone or tile to make them slip-resistant.


When buying tile and stone for your surfaces, you should consider the cost. Whatever budget you are working on, it is best to research extensively and purchase the best quality that you can afford. A cost-effective tile or stone may suit your budget, but may wear easily and need repair, replacement or restoration services. Be sure to shop around and ask many questions because the stone and tile market is quite competitive and you may get good bargains.

The beauty, sturdiness, and luxury of natural stone and tiles can instantly transform the look of any room. This has made them to be a popular and highly held option for home decoration. Tiles and stones can be used to cover walls, working surfaces like kitchen tops, floors, or highlighting specific areas. When buying natural stone and tiles, you must ensure that you pick the right design and color for your home. This way, you will enjoy your beautiful home for many years to come.

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