Five Topic Ideas For Your New Family Travel Blog

April 29, 2018

Have you been wanting to start a family travel blog for a while now, but do not have an idea on what you can start to write about?

If so, yo have’ve come to the right place, since we are going to talk about five potential topic ideas for your new family travel blog:

Brief Travel Guides

Choose a country or a city that you and your family have personally visited and then give your own inside knowledge on everything you know about that country or city.

Examples of what you can talk about include your recommended restaurants and resorts/hotels, the best places to see, a map of the area, and any family safety precautions that you recommend taking.

Paying For Things In A Foreign Country

One topic that many families neglect to think about when preparing for an international trip is how they are going to pay for things in a foreign country.

You could write an entire series of blog posts discussing this topic and the numerous payment options that exist, such as credit cards, pre-paid debit cards, bank wire transfers, or money remittance services such as Remitly.

Travel App Reviews

 It is safe to assume that any travelers who have a smart phone should be interested in what travel apps are available.

If you have used any travel apps yourself, you can write honest reviews of them on your blog, as well as instructional guides on how to use them. Examples of travel apps to write about include ones for scouring airline and hotel room prices for the best prices, apps that show the best restaurants in the area, or app for photo editing while on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions 

With this kind of blog post, you can just outline some common questions that people or families may have regarding travel and then provide in-depth and valuable answers to them.

People would most likely have questions concerning topics such as how to get cheap hotel rooms and flight prices, the safety of drinking water in different countries, visa requirements by country, and any recommended vaccinations for specific countries or areas as well.

Basic Words and Phrases In Foreign Languages

Finally, you can also write about basic words, phrases, and greetings in different languages such as Spanish, German, French, or whatever have you. Your readers seeking to become conversational in the language of the country they’re traveling to would most certainly appreciate this.

Starting A Family Travel Blog

Remember, this is your blog and you can choose what you want to write about on it. Family travel is a very broad niche, and your blog might be best served by zeroing in on one niche versus trying to cover everything under the sun.

One more thing to remember is that the primary goal of your blog should be to provide value to your readers and to encourage them to go out and explore the world. That means keeping your blog posts informative, writing them in a conversational manner, and keeping an overall positive tone throughout.

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    A short post, but full of tips for families who want to face a journey in total safety and harmony. Beautiful and interesting. Following you is fantastic!


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