Why a Travel Crib is so Popular to Mom Nowadays?

April 30, 2018

A travel crib is mostly beneficial for those moms who love traveling and need to travel frequently for their business purposes around the world.

It is a lightweight and portable crib that is easy to fold up and take with inside a carry-bag when you are on the go. It can be carried on the back of your car and the plane like a hand luggage. It is most suitable for your newborns to toddlers up to three years.

It keeps you Stress-free:

It does not matter whenever and wherever you go- on a holiday vacation with your baby abroad, sea-side or other places. It can assuage their inconvenience when they are on a trip. There are a number of reasons behind the popularity of a travel cot to moms nowadays.

When you are on a trip and like to stay at a hotel, then some hotels may provide a baby cot. But are they safe and hygiene for your kids? If you are anxious for the question, a travel crib is untold needed for you. Otherwise, if you are traveling with your whole family, then it should be your great choice to go.

Now, let’s consider and illustrate the reasons/benefits of the popularity of a baby cot.

Comfortable and Portable

It is much comfortable as well as portable for better convenient. A baby can sleep inside a cot that is made carefully so that it can feel comfortable. Its mattress is comfy enough for your baby to take rest on it.

Easy to Fold

They are easy to use. You, within a short while, can put it up, take it down and carry it around. Their lightweight feature lets you do these things without any hassles.

Easy to Wash

Mattress cover and the crib are washable. So, you can keep it clean for your baby to stay on it.

Carry-bag and Wheels for easy movement and Traveling

A carry-bag helps to carry it on the back and its wheel ensures its easy movement while traveling.

Mesh Net Window to Observe your Baby

It is really cool because the mesh net maintains a lot of airflows that is very necessary for your kids. Besides, you can observe your baby through the net.


Thought it is lightweight, it is sturdy enough for your baby to go with it. Also, they are lightweight for easy traveling but at the same time sturdy.

Ensure Suitable Environment

A good travel crib for your lovely kids ensures a suitable environment that you expect. It alleviates the disturbance while sleeping inside it. Sometimes or most times, you may feel the lacking of safety and cleanliness when you want to use one for your baby at a hotel or other places.


It has padded fabric at the top of the cot for a soft touch. Its angled legs are not very weighed rather sturdy.

Can be Used as a Mini Play Yard

When you are busy with your work at home, your baby can use it as a little playground with some toys. The most important thing is that it is too safe for your baby because of having a net around. So, you can do your regular work leaving your baby inside it and keep tension free.

Benefits of the Mesh Nets

Mesh nets allow air circulate freely for a better environment for your baby. Your little one also keeps safe and protected from insect bites and some other harmful pests that may cause serious harm to your baby.

The stress of a mom for her baby can be abated by a travel crib. But all the cots are not the same. They are different from each other. So, you have to find out one that best suits your baby depending on its age and size in the market out there.

Zipper Area Works as a Door

Its zipper area (most cribs have) lets your baby crawl in and out easily. It works as a door for your kids. The corner legs are covered in foam. So, even if your baby hits against it, it will not be hurt themselves which is awesome.

Six Velcro Tabs

Its mattress has six Velcro tabs to add to the crib to keep the mattress tight. They prevent the mattress from moving and keep your baby in place.

Toxic and Organic Stuff Free

Almost all the cribs are freed from any toxic or organic stuff which is mostly preferred and parents’ concern. Any chemical stuff is very dangerous for the kids.

Ease of Use

It has already a number of useful features. When you are cooking or doing other stuff at home, you lovely one can sleep or play inside the cot. All you need to do is that monitor your baby by a baby monitoring system. It helps you too to concentrate on your activities.

Say, you are doing some important tasks of your office at home and you need to concentrate on. But, what if your baby is not letting you concentrate? In this situation, a baby cot may help you greatly.

Let your Baby keep its Habit

If your baby is habituated to sleeping in a cot, then you should let it sleep in the travel cot. Otherwise, the habit may change and your baby can confuse adapting with a new system of sleeping.

Make your Camping Meaningful

A travel crib can lessen your tension of your baby for sleeping and at the same time saves it from other harmful insects and pests.

Produced Maintaining American Standard

Almost all the cribs are manufactured meeting American standard for travel cribs totally for the safety of the kids. If the manufacturer companies do not follow all the rules, they may be subjected to be fine as well as punishment both. So, make sure your cot is produced accordingly to meet the requirements before purchasing one.

These are the reasons for a travel crib to be popular at present.

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