Party Favors For All Occasions

May 14, 2018

What makes guests leave the party with a smile on their face and the sense that they were part of something really cool? Hospitality is a big part of that, and one way to show hospitality is to send people home with party favors. They do not have to be big or extravagant, either. This is nor a major awards show; your guests do not expect to be sent home with expensive jewelry and a mattress for their dog like it is the Oscars. But by sending them home with something, you are giving them something tangible that they can use as a vessel for the (hopefully good) memories they made at your party.

Party Themes

Some accessories lend themselves better to certain occasions. If someone who is planning a party places an order for glow sticks in bulk, they are more likely to be planning something along the lines of a raucous bachelorette party or college graduation party rather than, say, a quiet baby shower. There are not too many obvious uses for glow sticks at a baby showers. Other party favors are more flexible. For instance, you can hand out small bottles of bubbles for kids to play with at a child’s eighth birthday party, but you can also hand out bubbles at a thirtieth party attended solely by adults. Bubbles are one of those things that stay fun as you get older, even if older people are a bit more aware of how sticky the bubble residue can get.

What about parties for your fantasy sports league? You can use bubbles there as well, or you can really go out and grab some confetti to throw on the last day of your league’s season. Sports championships are often full of confetti, so why should not your fantasy football celebration include it too? Consider also buying a fantasy football trophy for the winner. It is always nice to hear, “Congratulations on your win,” but it is even nicer when that is accompanied by a trophy presentation.

The Alcohol Question

Pint glasses and shot glasses can be lovely ways to remember certain occasions, as long as those are occasions for adults. Weddings are mostly for adults, even if a few kids attend. Some weddings, of course, are completely kid-free, but in either case, it is a nice idea to put something along the lines of a shot glass at every place setting after dinner. The shot glass can be printed with the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. If there is room for things like the location or venue, then that information can also be printed on the glasses as well. There are some exceptions, but weddings and alcohol seem to go well together. For one thing, champagne toasts are a built-in part of the reception.

Champagne toasts in personalized glasses or wine goblets will seem a little strange at a baby shower, however, especially since the guest of honor can’t drink. Sure, baby showers are celebratory occasions, but you do not want the pregnant woman to feel left out when everyone else is drinking white wine and she is stuck with ginger ale. In general, do not even ask about the possibility of serving alcohol unless you are positive the mom-to-be will not feel like she is missing out. Otherwise, you are risking ruining the overall vibe of the party. Party favors should be a way to include people; they should not serve as a reminder of exclusion or awkwardness. Not to mention the idea of engraving shot glasses with “It is a girl!” is probably always going to make people uncomfortable, and understandably so.

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