Five Reasons To Spend Your Next Vacation In California’s Wine Country

May 18, 2018

For many people, planning and anticipating a vacation is just as fun as the trip itself. The next time you are planning a getaway, why not consider traveling to Sonoma? This area of California’s wine country offers a variety of beautiful locations and unique activities that can help you create wonderful memories. Here are some of the best reasons to add Sonoma to your next travel itinerary:

1. Beautiful Scenery

Part of the appeal of wine country is the sheer beauty of the area and the vineyards. Rolling hills with verdant greenery provide endless options for scenic drives and photo ops. There are countless types of plants and trees to discover even aside from the numerous varieties of grapes. You can also enjoy seeing the unique architectural elements of local hotels and one-of-a-kind estates. Wine tastings allow you to experience this beautiful area in an up-close and immersive way.

2. Small-Town Charm

While you may want to spend a lot of time exploring local vineyards, you can also enjoy wandering through Healdsburg, which has been praised by Smithsonian Magazine, as one of the best small towns to visit in the entire country. You can stroll down tree-lined avenues to find unique eateries, galleries, historic buildings, and retail establishments. Consider staying here at an inn or taking a break from wine tours for a leisurely day exploring quiet corners of this beautiful village. You can also indulge in a walking tour through the town that includes private tastings at several local establishments.

3. Good Weather

While the weather in Sonoma does change slightly throughout the year, it can provide a welcome relief for visitors looking to escape harsh winter storms or blazingly hot summer days. You will be able to comfortably enjoy outdoor activities throughout most of the year. Most vineyards provide tastings and other events all year long.

4. Special Events

While you will probably plan on taking some wine tours while you’re in the area, there are many other things you can do as well. Sonoma County hosts a wide range of special events throughout the year. From music festivals to vintage car shows to epicurean celebrations, you can find something for everyone any time of the year.

5. Fantastic Wine

Of course, one of the main reasons to visit California’s wine country is to enjoy Sonoma wine tasting. Along with being able to enjoy some unique, rare, and interesting wines, you can learn about any aspect of wine you’re interested in. Find out more about the winemaking process or how different types of grapes contribute to a wine’s characteristics. Learn how to pair wine with food. Vineyard tours and tastings can be some of the most memorable and special experiences of your vacation.

Ready to plan a vacation you will remember forever? Take a trip to Sonoma County in the heart of California’s wine country. You will get a chance to experience all aspects of winemaking through vineyard tours and enjoy delicious tasting activities. You can learn how to pair wine with different foods and try some vintages you may not see anywhere else in the country. Beyond the vineyards, you can experience exceptionally beautiful scenery, architecture, and cultural events.

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