The Whale As A Spirit Animal

May 23, 2018

In Andi’s Bucket List, swimming with whales appears twice as part of the goals she is most passionate about, for that reason we have analyzed the animal spirit of these cetaceans, their guidance message, and their incredible majesty.

An Animal Totem?

Just as stars influence us since birth, we are also influenced by the energy of particular animals. These animals are called “Spirit Animals”, or also, “Animal Totem.”

We all have Spirit Animals that influence us or guide us, but not all of us know which animal is our totem. The truth is that all of us, in different degrees, are attracted and admire one specific animal, that is because our Spirit Animal has picked us to share with us a very special and spiritual lesson.

The concept of an Animal Totem is widely spread by most cultures of the planet. This is because our oldest and most primitive ancestors coexisted very closely to the animal kingdom, which also encourages great respect for these beings. They realized something: each animal was not only physically different, but also spiritually, so it is believed that we can incorporate the spiritual energy of animals into our being.

These beliefs are still alive and there are many people, especially Shamans, who claim to have the ability to invoke these totems in their lives.

Whale Keywords: Creativity, wisdom, and kindness.

Spiritual Lesson: It provides emotional stability and helps to deal with emotions.

Let It Guide You

Whales are a group of animals that belong to the family of cetaceans. These sea giants inhabit all the oceans of the world, and in general, they include four great species of whales.

It is believed that whales descend from prehistoric species that lived on the earth millions of years ago and evolved to become sociable animals that move at high speed in the depths of the ocean.

Its symbolism evokes the ancestral planet wisdom. We are facing an immense mammal, which after long periods of immersion, needs to rise to the surface and breathe fresh air.

The souls guided by this magnificent animal, can withstand great emotional pressures and immerse themselves in the unconscious, and in stressful situations to help others, but periodically, they need to disconnect and fill their lungs with freedom, remembering where they come from and who they are.

Go Deeper

As human beings, we all experience a great variety of emotions. Some of these emotions are on the surface and we can experience these emotions easily as we are well acquainted and deal with them every day.

Other emotions, however, are very deep within us, some feelings are even buried in the most hidden of our consciousness. These emotions tend to act as self-sabotage traps from our most hidden fears, our shadow. They are like massive beasts that we want to keep sinking in the deepest ocean. By accepting these emotions we will begin to heal.

Whale Totem Teachings

  • Considering that the ocean is the whale’s habitat, we can deduce that the meaning of the whale totem mostly deals with emotions as well. The whale symbolizes emotional creativity, well-being, as well as emotional depth.
  • Its primary lesson is to examine our use of creativity and deep emotions.
  • A whale totem teaches us to go to the depths of ourselves to awaken innate creativity, but also show us not to get lost in the creative imagination, remembering to live in the real world.
  • The whale advises we must add our own color and our own light to our outer life.
  • Those who are magnetized by the whale’s energy tend to be very deep and sensitive people.
  • People with whale totems are super-perceptive of the feelings of those around them and this can manifest itself as an internal pressure that can be quite overwhelming. The whale totem can help them to carry that burden, swimming gracefully in the most profound darkness.
  • The whales themselves are incredibly maternal; we know this for the way they look after their young. Whales and those with a whale as their spiritual animal have a natural affinity to help their community.
  • If you feel identified with the whale spirit animal, concentrate and focus on it during your meditations and prayers, take a whale figure with you as a lucky charm, and it will give you guidance and clarity.
  • The whale can help us understand, on a deeper level, the actions and emotions that have troubled us in our daily lives.
  • The whale totem brings sensitivity and appreciation of beauty, especially singing and dancing. That is why it is also a positive totem for artists, which will also balance their sensitivity.
  • The whale totem awakens the kindness. If we have lost it out of spite or because of some adverse event, the whale is an ideal amulet for those suffering from depression, lovesickness, self-abandonment, internal anger, and other harmful emotions.

Sing Directly From Your Soul

Whales mysterious and beautiful songs have always fascinated humans. They make sounds to communicate and locate other whales, reminding us of the importance of raising our voice and transmitting a message, of finding our own and connecting with them.

Emotional Nature

The whale links us directly to intuition and the root of our emotions. To find out your own truth and purpose, you have to connect with silence. Meditate and listen to your heart to begin to understand.

Its guidance marks the beginning of spiritual awakening, developing creativity, and making the most of our talent by sharing it with others.

Strength And Sensitivity

Despite being enormous animals, whales move with agility and grace through the waves. Their presence is majestic and imposing, and for those lucky enough to spot them often referred to that experience as a magical and unforgettable one.

The whale’s majesty reminds us of the immense power of nature and, in a humility lesson, our insignificant proportion in comparison.

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