Three Lusty Halloween Parties In Store For You This Year

June 6, 2018

Without a doubt, Halloween makes October one of the most adventurous times of the year. Everyone and anyone has a chance to have a party of their lifetime, playing in costume as characters, so you can literally become anyone you want to. What makes this holiday even more fun is special, racy (and seductive) costumes women around the world wear to blow peoples’ minds. With your permission, I would like to share with you several adults-only Halloween parties you can travel to this Halloween:

  1. Denver Halloween Ball

The Sherman Street Event Complex has hosted the Denver Halloween Ball for a long time. Thanks to DJ Spyda and DJ Topshelf, these two extraordinary live DJs will blast roaring Top 40 Hits, make you dance, and get the party popping. This night will be fun, as all drinks (cocktails, beer, wine, martinis, and margaritas) will be $8.

Whether you have your eyes on fantasy costumes for women, or are thinking of dressing down in particularly sultry, eye-pleasing outfits, this party’s “Best Of The Ball” costume contest awards $1,000 to any costume that blows people’s minds. (Be sure to think outside the box for this contest.) Prices will go up as Halloween draws nearer, so if you are thinking of attending, buying tickets will cost you more money the longer you wait.

  1. Halloween Boo-Lesque Show

Cabaret is a classic art form that never goes out of style. Which makes The Clocktower Cabaret the perfect place to be for the Halloween Boo-Lesque Show. Watch the famous Clocktower Clockettes put on a lavish, jaw-dropping, and mouth-drooling tribute performance to all of Halloween’s legendary ghouls and monsters. In true Cabaret fashion, sky-defying aerialists, logic-defying magicians and jugglers also take the stage, joined by comedian and host Naughty Pierre. Both women and men are invited to don their spiciest costumes, raciest fashion, and whatever fashion choice you choose as a fitting tribute to the scandalous history of burlesque in whichever fantasy outfit you desire. This place even has weekly and monthly events (such as the Sexy Circus, a performance rendition of popular classics) that will surely make your knees weak and your cheeks sore from laughing.

  1. Exotica Erotica Ball

From pole dancers to burlesque performances, from acrobats and singers to a Kink Carnival, a carnal dance party, red carpet fashion show, and more, this adults-only erotica ball in Boulder, Colorado will definitely get your heart racing, taking your mind to dangerous (and exciting) places “full of decadence and desire”. The more erotic and pleasurable, the better and you truly get your bang for your buck here, as the “Hedonic Halloween Party” strongly encourages risqué attire. Really better, as the annual costume contest awards.


These are only a handful of Halloween parties that are in store for you during the month of October. Halloween has no shortage of fright and fun, with plenty of opportunities for you to dress up as anyone you have ever wanted to be and “disappear” for the night in a night of mystery, decadence and pleasurable, fleshy desire. Halloween truly is the night for not only celebrating the spirits of the dead, but for celebrating those of us also living. Those of us who dare to have as much fun as possible.

And this small list does not even include Halloween parties and October celebrations around the world. If a little “local party” isn’t enough for you, have you thought about traveling overseas for a weekend getaway on what everybody agrees is the scariest night of the year?

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