Explore Two Splendid Spots of Bangalore

June 13, 2018

Do you have plans to go somewhere in coming future? Are you heading to bang lore from Delhi to meet your friends? Well, that is a fantastic idea. You must go to places to meet your friends and explore the destinations.

Anyhow, have you checked the Delhi Bangalore Flights Schedule? Come on, you might have checked? If you haven’t then do it right away because after all, it is all about your convenience. You have to make sure that you save maximum time for your exploration. What is the point if you are spending significant time traveling? Make your plan in a way that you get most of your trip.

Things you should do in Bangalore

If you are going to visit this city for the first time then you need to mark some places that you must visit. After all, every city has some places for you to treasure and cherish. Have a look at some of the places right below:


Want to experience something amazing? Then why not just check out this amazing spot? Lalbagh? It stretches across two hundred forty acres and it is home to a myriad number of trees that are apparently more than one thousand years old and they have more than one thousand species of flora.  In case you have a love for nature and you love to stay connected with it then a casual walk or jog discovering this lush greenery makes for a beautiful day.

You can also love an idealistic walk around this lush greenery that makes the spell of this city fade. The Lalbagh Glass House, built particularly to imitate London’s gorgeous Crystal Palace, is undoubtedly the cherry on the cake. If you are lucky enough, then you might also get a chance to witness bi-annual flower shows too.

Cubbon Park awaits you

How about doing a family or friends picnic at Cubbon Park? This park is lush greenery enclosed by government buildings, magnificent cultural institutions, and other historical monuments. This all makes for a zone to explore. The symmetrical park snuggled at this spot was a resting place for the dealers as they toured between Cantonment and old Bangalore. The gorgeous park is endowed with uncountable flowers, shady trees, groves and other floral species. The Queen’s Park, bamboo pond, Seshadri Iyer Memorial Library, bandstand, and Bal Bhavan Children’s Park make the place a revitalizing picnic spot for everyone.

It is a center that is a one-stop true cultural activity center for people having different interests. The center encompasses three art galleries namely Belaku, Vismaya, and Chaya.  These display beautiful visual art like paintings, sculptures, photographs, installation and lovely artifacts. Rangasthala the auditorium here hosts diverse magic & comedy shows, the mesmeric puppet shows; kids play area coupled with an interactive fountain, games, and structures.  You can also see a demo zone devoted to pottery & batik printing in center of others. Similarly, Nagara Pete here caters chance for independent designers, tiny collectives, artists, the cottage industries and even vintage shops to set their stalls. The icing on the cake is that the open area here houses Music Performances and Drum Jams.  The entire space comes alive during the times of festivals.

So, book your tickets and plan your visit to this city. These were just two of the destinations, and there is much more to explore!

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