Makeup And Perfume Tips For The Busy Traveler

June 20, 2018

Keeping your makeup and perfume fresh when you are constantly traveling can be a challenge. In addition to constantly switching between different climates, you often do not have access to all the accessories you normally have at home. This is why you have to learn how to adapt between different situations and cope with what you have on hand. In this article, we are going to lay out a few simple makeup and perfume tips any busy traveler can apply:

Stay Moisturized

The most important thing when you are constantly traveling by air is to keep your skin moisturized. Re-circulated air in airplanes can be very damaging to the skin and will completely dry it out. One trick you could use is to moisturize the night before and on the day of your flight with a moisturizer that contains humectants such as hyaluronic acid for instance. Humectants pull moisture from the ambient air to keep your skin properly hydrated even in the harshest conditions.

Forget The Foundation

It would be wise to skip the foundation on the day of your trip as it may lead to even dryer skin. Stick to moisturizer only and apply a touch of tinted moisturizer just before you land. If you can’t go without your foundation, then you should at least wear some primer first. Primer will act as a barrier between your skin and the foundation. Not only will it save your skin from dehydration, but it will allow your blush and foundation to last longer.

Pay Attention to the Local Climate

When it comes to perfumes, you should know that different fragrances will express themselves much differently according to the climate. The ambient temperature as well as the temperature of your skin will affect how the molecules in the perfume react.

If you are going somewhere with a tropical climate, go for crisp green scents or fragrances like citrus for instance. These will burn quickly and will not bloom out like other scents. If you are going somewhere colder, then you could go for “bigger” floral scents like frangipani or tuberose. If you are looking to purchase summer or winter fragrances, you can go online and buy now on sites like Maple Prime.

Forget Long-Lasting Lipsticks

While they may be convenient in certain occasions, try to stay away from long lasting lipsticks when traveling. They have a tendency to dehydrate lips and leave them parched. Instead, try to apply several coats of a nice lip stain, let it dry completely, and cover with clear gloss. Re-apply lip gloss during the course of the day to keep your lips looking fresh.

You should also make sure that you carry lip treatment with you wherever you go. The air on buses and trains can get extremely harsh and a nice medicated lip balm will protect your lips without rubbing off your lipstick.

All these tips will allow you to look your best at all times no matter where you are. If you follow these instructions, you should be able to get by with the bare minimum you have on hand.

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