Wedding Accessories: How To Match Jewelry To Your Gown

July 4, 2018

Every bride-to-be knows that when it comes to planning wedding looks, nothing is underrated. From the color of the wedding dress to the finishing beauty touches, every detail is meticulously considered and pulled together to create an unforgettable bridal look.

If you want to go down the aisle in serious style, you need to think beyond your wedding gown: you need to have your wedding accessories down pat, too. Read on for a basic guide on matching jewelry pieces to your wedding dress!

Accessorize According To Your Neckline

The neckline is perhaps the most definitive part of the dress that you have to consider when choosing your jewelry pieces. It is essentially the focal point of your gown, and it is one to go by when deciding the necklace, earrings, and even headpieces that you want to wear.

For v-necklines: This cut is flattering on every woman. It draws attention to your neck and face, so it is a great neckline to play up with accessories. The best type of jewelry that goes with V-necklines is delicate necklaces with simple, tasteful pendants that rest just around your neck. For a chic, romantic take, layer necklaces together. You may also opt to wear a trendier style like a choker necklace to create a flattering frame around your collarbone.

For earrings: Pick a dangling pair. Be mindful of the length. You want something that elongates your face, but only just. You would not want your earrings to graze the shoulders of your dress, or worse: get caught in its intricate fabric!

For halter necklines: Another universally flattering neckline, adding a necklace to a halter dress would most likely lead to a bridal fashion blunder! The neckline is already decorative enough on its own, so think about framing your face instead. Reach for a charming headpiece to accentuate your locks with, such as a bejeweled tiara or a floral crown. Alternatively, you may wear mid-sized statement earrings.

For sweetheart necklines: Perhaps the most versatile neckline, the sweetheart cut is best paired with bolder baubles. A tried-and-true trick is to wear a bib or collar necklace in a tasteful design. The sweetheart neckline can handle pretty much any style, from chunky, bejeweled bibs to one-metal collar necklaces.

If you don’t feel like wearing something around your chest, don some earrings instead. Feel free to experiment with your earring designs, but your best bet would be a style that catches attention: whether it’s a multi-stone set or a wing-shaped pair. It is not typically advised to wear both a necklace and a pair of earrings as the adornment can be excessive. You would not want to have your accessories competing for each other for attention!

Finally, there is always the headpiece. Whether you want to clip on a birdcage veil or crown your head with small florals, your headpiece will complement the sweetheart neckline just as well.

Match Dress Colors To Jewelry Metals

This might be easy to overlook, but not all metals are equal. Some blend with the tint of your wedding dress better than others, and wearing the right metals will immensely enhance your wedding look.

For pure white dresses: Platinum or silver metals work best for pure-white dresses. It creates a softer, more elegant allure than gold medals, which tend to clash with the stark white color.

For champagne and light gold dresses: This beautiful, light beige hue works with both gold and silver metals. But for a safer, more flattering get-up, stick to gold variants: rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold.

For ivory dresses: This buttery, soft white is perhaps the most universally flattering shade of white. Choose gold jewelry for an ivory white wedding gown! The royal metal lifts the creamy hue much better than sterling silver does.

For blush dresses: Soft, rosy shades like blush tend to go with, well, rosy metals, too. Ever-romantic rose gold jewelry has warm undertones that will bring out the color of the wedding gown.

For light blue dresses: This cool tone may be a little less traditional, but it is equally elegant as its white counterparts. Dress this up with sterling silver jewelry or white gold pieces.

How About Stones And Gems?

Maybe you want to deviate from classy metals and need pizzazz with a stronger character in the form of stones and gems. In such a case, try to stick to a color palette. Your wedding bouquet is a good starting point of the stone and gem colors you can wear with your bridal dress.

Most of these are proven styling tricks to get you by with your jewelry, but always remember that you don’t have to follow these styling rules coldly! At the end of the day, your wedding aesthetic must reflect your own character as the bride and feature jewelry pieces that you’re comfortable wearing. If the outfit works beyond the rules of bridal style, then, it works!


Elena is a fashion enthusiast. Like most medium layered haircuts for women, she loves expressing herself through fashion. Elena is the content manager for American Tungsten Online. When she is not writing and shopping, Elena enjoys traveling to unknown places around the world.

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