Five Subtle Signs That You Are In A Loveless Unhappy Marriage

July 13, 2018

Leaving a marriage can be quite a scary and depressing decision for many couples. Furthermore, most spouses fear being judged, living alone, and the possibility of the unknown days. These fears usually force people who are in an unhappy marriage to settle for dissatisfaction and less than what they deserve. However, remaining in a broken marriage has its own physical and emotional side effects on the couples. Here are some signs of a loveless unhappy marriage:

You are no longer having sex

One warning sign of an unhappy marriage is a total lack of sex. You should never underestimate the importance of sex in any relationship. Your sex life will not be insanely hot at all times since your desire for your spouse will ebb and flow all through the years. Check out for some toys that might spice up your sex life again. However, if the lack of sex begins to unnerve either of the spouses, then it is time for you to have a discussion. A mutually satisfying sexual relationship is an important support for a healthy marital relationship. Maybe it is time to check out a BDSM shop together!

Emotional affairs

If you are in a happy marriage, then your partner will always be your true confidant. You should be free and happy to communicate with them and even share all the pleasant and sleazy details of your life with them. However, if your marriage is in despair, you will find comfort in other people outside your marriage. It may start off as a simple emotional release, but it will eventually interfere with your marital bliss.

Different life directions

In a loveless marriage, you will notice lots of conflicting differences in your goals in life and your perspectives towards life. This is something that most people that do not communicate effectively find themselves in as the years go by. When you are in a happy marriage and communicate constantly, then your life goals will start aligning to form a common goal. This means that if your life objectives no longer align, then you are in an unhappy marriage.

You do not fight anymore

Fighting in a marriage relationship usually leads to great intimacy if the couple has the fight-and-repair kind of relationship. However, when spouses give up fighting for their marriage, then this is a sign that they are at crossroads. When you find faults in your spouse but choose not to talk about it or resolve issues, then you are in a no-complaints relationship. Over time, this minor annoyances will lead to huge frustrations in your marital relationship.

You are no longer each other’s priority

When you say your marriage vows, you will be making each other a top priority above anyone or anything else. However, when you start losing this essential part of your marital relationship, then you will lose the one person who once meant the world to you. It will be a challenge for spouses to stay as one solid unit if they are no longer each other’s priority. Spouses should try prioritizing each other and their time together to get back into their healthy relationship before it is too late to mend things.

If you find yourself stuck in a loveless and unhappy marriage, then it is time for you to think everything through and make an informed decision.  You can opt to try everything possible to save the marriage; try counseling, or walk away. There are many strategies that you can use to save a marriage. Whatever decision you make, you should remember that it will have a monumental effect on your children and immediate family.

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