Ten Reasons To Go On That Adventurous Trip

August 8, 2018

Have you been dragging your feet and have kept putting off taking a break and going on that adventure trip which you have been planning for quite a while now? Well, take a look at the several benefits of going on an adventure trip, which has an all-round effect on your mind, soul, and body. These would definitely give you the boost you need to get up and get it done already. If on the other hand you have hardly gone on any adventure trips, hopefully this would open your mind to consider going on one and grow yourself in the process.

Get your brain active and stimulated

As you observe and learn during your trip, your senses and reflexes are activated as neurons go firing in your brain. Adventure trips create pleasant memories which we can call up to help boost the mood at times when we feel blue. Can you imagine if you took a Spitfire Flight what an unforgettable adventure that would be?

The memories made during our trip marinate awhile and serves as a valuable exercise especially since memories created during most of our ordinary day to day activities often pass by in a flash without necessarily being available for use in the long term. Reliving your adventures through the stored memories allows you the time and capability therefore to effectively learn from them.

Getting dirty during your adventures improves your physical health

Research by various specialists has revealed that obsessive cleanliness is actually not as beneficial as expected. It actually lowers the body’s immunity and gets the body prone to allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, and asthma. Getting dirty gets the body to build its immunity and adventure trips are the perfect opportunity to get the body healthier in that regard.

Outdoors activities can help to get rid of complications and prevent/treat a wide range of health problems

Physicians are often known to hand out park prescriptions as a remedy for certain conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, and attention deficit disorder. Taking adventure trips would be just what the doctor ordered as it takes park prescriptions to the next level and provides the ideal outdoor activity.

Adventure trips benefit people of all ages

Nature provides a wonderful playground for people of all ages to have fun and unwind. Adventure travel is something anyone can stick with regardless of how advanced in age they have gotten. Adventure travel gets you exposed to the good gifts that are available for living a happy life. So get up and get going!

Grow your brain

Taking a hike and walking have been proven to increase the brain size and keep us mentally sharp. As people approach their mid-50s the hippocampus of the brain grows smaller which often causes memory loss. Research that observed a group of middle-aged adults, who took 40 minutes walks three times a week, for one full year, show that they grew their hippocampus by 2%, on the average. This could go a long way to improve their retentive capacity for years.

Be able to effectively cope with uncertainty

Taking adventure trips places you in situations where things might not always go as planned. This helps you to cope better and be able to tolerate the uncertainties often faced in everyday life, subsequently giving you a more positive outlook on life, especially when things might seem to be going haywire.

Get smarter

The great outdoors gets the brain to work better. The body is exposed to a variety of stimuli and the mind has to get engaged so as to better take in and process the wide range of information provided. A 2015 study published in a peer review journal suggests that looking at a picture depicting natural scenery for a steady 40 seconds improves focus and problem solving ability. Keep in mind that the experiment involved a still image.

Now imagine getting a dose of the real deal through going on an adventure trip. It is an obvious fact that after going on an adventure, a person feels brand new, refreshed, and ready to take on whatever task that is put forward.

Improve your career prospects

The effects of going on an adventure trip could easily be felt after the fact. It has been found that individuals who have just come back from an adventure trip are more energized, creative, and ultimately more productive in the workplace. They are greatly motivated to take on new challenges, find inspiration, and are less prone to burnout. Project Time Off, which was carried out by the US Travel Association, revealed that workers who use all their vacation days are 6% more likely to get a promotion than those who do not make complete use of their paid vacation time.

Build your confidence and feed your dreams

The “Cycle of Travel” as suggested by the editor of National Geographic Traveler Magazine involves 4 cardinal points: 1) dream 2) plan 3) go 4) share. The more people go on adventure trips in nature, the more their souls grow and hunger for more exposure and adventure. This process is unending and each time you give in and go on more and more trips, the more internal growth you experience as you challenge yourself to take on a little bit more of some higher adventure.

You would often develop your skills in the process and even uncover the hidden potentials you never thought you had. You would realize that your body and mind are capable of more than you ever dreamed of. This process grows the confidence and encourages personal growth. Furthermore, visiting places in other countries get you exposed and expands your scope, mindset, and reasoning. Visit https://insurance.airnewzealand.co.nz and get exposed to the numerous adventures New Zealand has to offer.

Adventure trips are the perfect remedy for the social ill that is the loss of adventurous children and wanderlust

It is said that the US is facing a situation that could best be described as an epidemic. There is an increasing decline of the adventurous childhood. For three straight years, youth participation in outside activities has declined, according to reports from the Outdoor Foundation.

When parents overschedule their kids and insist on being involved in every activity that these kids are engaged in, they kill their child’s desire to explore and discover and create a negative effect on these kids who often lose their confidence and spirit of independence. The spark for wanderlust dies off permanently. Taking adventure trips is the perfect channel for the regeneration of the desire to explore and discover in kids, youths, and adults inclusive.

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