Tips On Hiring The Right House Painter For The Best Results

August 14, 2018

Since honesty and good workmanship are not must-have traits for everyone, every homeowner needs tips for hiring a good painter. Painting may seem like an easy task, but there is more to it than just putting paint on walls and leaving it to dry. An interior house painter can get the job done professionally, with no messes, and within a quick timeframe. It is best to not waste money and try to do it on your own when you can have a budget-friendly professional do it for you, such as Commercial Painters For Buildings.

What is indicated in the proposal and contract is very important? You should not agree to a contract until you have gone through it with the finest toothcomb and are satisfied that it is clear and will work for your Brisbane business.

Here are a few tips to put into consideration when hiring your painter:

  • How many paint coats will be needed?

You may come across a number of proposals that have all the information about the area to be painted but do not indicate how many coats will be needed. That can present you with a bit of a problem, especially when it is time to pay. This is especially so if you notice long after the painter has left that you paid for two coats but only one was applied. Air holes pop up and expose shoddy work. It is disheartening to realize that what you paid for is not what you got.

To avoid such a scenario, ask that they include any missing details in the proposal.

  • Trickery and scamming painters

If you have even the slightest idea how scammers work, you will bust them before they get you. The best painter is one that is honest, and who will give their best. Lazy and lying painters will use tricks like the ones listed here:

  • Mixing in the product you paid for with a cheaper one

This is more common than people want to admit. You buy a pricey premium paint because you want the best paint job. However, they mix your choice with some cheap paints that they hav and only let you see the ones you paid for. Maybe all you do is ascertain that they got the number of cans right. Naturally, there is no way to prove your theory once you leave the premises and unpack your paint.

  • Paint that has been thinned down

Unscrupulous dealers may mix the paint with water before they deliver it to you. When you mix it as you should before you paint, you have very thin paint which will definitely chip and peel later on.

To avoid this, inspect the cans as they are brought in. If they show signs of being tampered with, reject the whole consignment. They should deliver what you paid for.

  • A contract that is not detailed

Most paint contracts are very sketchy on details. If you get the typical 2 coats, $500 down contract, you are open for any dishonest painter to take advantage of you. Insist on details like:

  • The kind of paint to be used
  • Drywall damage
  • Deglossing of semi-gloss paint
  • Furniture and flooring
  • Chaulk

These details come in handy when it is time to pay and there will be no confusion or surprise bills sprang on you.

Getting the best painter is actually very easy, but you will not get them by picking the first one you chance upon because you need to compare and contrast several and also ask for reviews or look up their website to see what those who have used their services have to say about them.

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One thought on “Tips On Hiring The Right House Painter For The Best Results

  1. rachel frampton

    My dad would like to repaint his home’s exterior with a Blue color, which is why he’s currently looking for a painter. Well, I agree with you that we must be wise enough to determine whether the painter is honest, and is serious with his job. We’ll also keep in mind to inspect the paint cans as well.


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