Are Last Minute Holidays The Best Way To Go On A Budget Break?

September 1, 2018

We are all guilty of spending a work day or five dreaming about our next break, but too often those dreams are quickly squashed by money worries. Whether your wage is simply too low to entertain the thought of a holiday or you just do not know how to make your budget stretch, there are plenty of ways to jet off on that dream break without breaking the bank and having to turn to an emergency payday loan upon your return. One of these methods is to book your holiday last minute, however how does it work?

How Do You Book Last Minute?

Booking a holiday last minute can often come with connotations of stressful bookings, high costs, and more, but the reality of the situation is actually very different. The allure of last minute holidays has grown over the years and as a result, more and more travel agents and partners have opened their arms to this intriguing market and taken full advantage.

Booking last minute can be done anything from four weeks to just days before you are due to jet off and it can all depend on who you are traveling with, where you are going, and how picky you are about your destination as to which time frame is best for you. Large groups will benefit from having more time, while solo travelers or couples could leave it until the very last second for a spot of spontaneity.

Package Or DIY?

Last minute bookings can be done as a package or you can completely DIY your trip for a unique break you are sure to never forget but the question remains, as to which is likely to be the better choice.

Last minute Package Holidays offer you the chance to nab everything you need, all wrapped up into one neat itinerary, so you do not have to deal with the stress of trying to match up the last minute flight and a last minute hotel for the lowest possible prices. While they can sometimes carry a higher price tag than you might get by doing it on your own, the convenience, and peace of mind alone are often enough to drive couples, groups, and families to stretch their budget just that little bit further to cover it.

Despite the need for a spot of flexibility, DIY holidays are not all bad. In fact, that flexibility can actually work in your favor. You can choose your dates, work around the cheapest times to fly and work out exactly what you want to do and where you want to go without the restraints of a package. You can decide whether the dates or the price are more important to you and adjust your break accordingly.

Is Last Minute The Best Option?

While last minute holidays can save you hundreds in some cases, it certainly is not the only way to save money and may not be the best option for larger groups looking for convenience. With a last minute break, the risk of being split up on the flight or having hotel rooms on different floors to one another is much higher. While this is not necessarily a deal breaker for a lot of families or groups, booking further in advance could still see money saved without the risks. Flexibility with dates, flight times, which airport you are willing to fly from and comparing flight prices with a service such as Kayak or Expedia could help you save big bucks without compromising on convenience.

Budget breaks are a popular market nowadays, whether through a last minute booking or through careful comparison of hotel and flight prices. Whether you are looking for a simple city breakor a relaxing escape to a beach paradise, would you consider booking last minute?

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