What To Actually Expect From Opposing Divorce Lawyer

September 17, 2018

Dealing with your spouse divorce lawyer is quite a daunting task. But, it is always his task to represent spouse to best of ability. In case you are properly represented by own counsel, the personal contact with opposing counsel will prove to be limited. In case you are representing yourself, you have to handle all sorts of communication on your own. Whether represented or not, you need to be aware of certain professional rules of conduct, which the opposing solicitor needs to follow. But first, let’s just know what you can actually expect from opposing divorce lawyer, which will help you to prepare yourself well.

  • Expect some proper communication:

The rules of professional conduct will always prohibit a lawyer, in any case, to speak with the opposing litigant, who has own representation. It means the spouse’ attorney cannot speak directly to you if you have an attorney, handling your case. In case he does, he is actually risking sanctions by state bar association. The only exception in this regard is if solicitor pre-approves communication.

On the other hand, if you are representing yourself, then the communication will take place between you and the opposing counsel. It will help the case to move forward. But, communication is likely to be always in writing for keeping some documentation handy. You can get help from Fort Worth Divorce Lawyers in this regard.

  • Expect professionalism always and honesty:

Whenever communicating directly, whether you are represented by a lawyer or all alone, opposing counsel has to be professional and honest. These are some of the characteristics required for opposing counsel by state’s rules of the professional conduct.

The opposing counsel is always prohibited from taking up any dishonest statements or even violating rights to procure any form of evidence. Similarly, he does not have the right to delay case unnecessarily, purposely embarrass or harass any member of the opposite party.

  • Expect the best process ever:

It is mandatory for the spouse’s attorney to draft and then file all the necessary documents. It will include the petition in case it is your spouse initiating the divorce. Some of the other documents indeed necessary in this regard are a financial affidavit, requests to produce some documents or certain information.

He is the one to draft a spouse’s proposed property settlement and also dealing with a parenting plan. After that, he is going to compare his own with the documents from your side. In case any of the issues remain unsettled, he will negotiate in an attempt to arrive at the final statement. In case you need medication, he will be attending that and negotiate the solution with either you or your lawyer. If full settlement fails to reach, the divorce might then go to trial and here, he will explain to the court why a spouse should get the things he or she wants.

There are some legalized procedures available in this regard and every solicitor has to follow that, especially for some sentimental cases like divorce. Just get in line with the best names in town and you will be sorted.

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