Five Tips For Traveling With Your Vape

October 2, 2018

When traveling with vape tanks and other related equipment, it is important to ensure that you obey all of the rules regarding transportation of tobacco and vape-related products. This is key to ensuring that you get to and from your destination as easily as possible to enjoy your time filled with rest and relaxation. Here, we are going to look at five tips for traveling with a vaping pen:

  1. Check Flight Regulations

Before traveling with your vape kit, it is important to ensure that the airline you are flying with allows you to travel with vapeor tobacco-based products. This is important as this could lead to your vape kit being confiscated at security. This should not be a problem, however, as most UK airlines allow you to travel with vaping equipment, as long as it is kept in carry-on luggage, but it is best to check to be safe.

  1. Check Local Law

Although there are only a few places in the world where vaping is banned entirely, it is still important to check this before traveling to prevent trouble when you land. Countries such as Brazil and Singapore have banned them entirely, while the United States have different rules in different states. Therefore, it is important to ensure that it is legal before you travel to avoid any penalties or fines when you arrive.

  1. Have The Right Accessories

When you are traveling with your vape kit, it is important to have the right accessories with you. With simple add-ons, such as a crush proof case that can clip to your belt, you can be sure that your vape pen will be protected not only on your flight, but also whilst you are out and about. If this accessory does not fit the vape and the extra supplies that you want to bring, there are also mini-cases available for purchase that allow you to carry all of your additional elements safely.

  1. Be Prepared For Security Checks

When traveling through security, it is important to have your vape pen in plain sight as this will need to be checked through the scanners. All liquids for your vape pen must be under 100ml to be allowed on the plane and the batteries must be removed from the product. This is crucial, as they could become dangerous due to the change in cabin pressure.

  1. Only Pack What You Need

Ideally, you should only pack what you need, as this could lead to additional space being taken up. By only packing what you need for your trip, you can ensure that the vaping pen that you are using will be allowed on the plane with you without causing too much disruption in the security line. It is also crucial that you put this on the tray in security to ensure that you are not breaking any rules and appearing to be hiding elements from security personnel.

Although vaping can be somewhat of a problem when traveling, it is important to remember that there are a large number of precautions that you can take to make travelling with your vape kit much less stressful. Good luck!

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