Let Us Make Go-Karting A Lot More Fun For You

October 5, 2018

Go-karting has no age limits. You can enjoy it as a teen and as a responsible tax paying adult. It combines the thrill of car racing with the safety of open wheel rides. Go-karting is serious fun for everyone! 

If you have space and the imagination, you can turn any open space into a go-karting arena for some family time and fun with friends. You can get them from haloevsports.com and convert any gathering into a fun party at any time of the year. Can you imagine the joy and excitement once you bring a Manco go-kart home for the holidays?

How to maximize riding safety?

The learning curve for beginners is super smooth, and you can ride like a pro within a couple of days. Assuming control of the cart is going to be easy as soon as you finish the warm-up and learning about the controls. Go-karts have simple control options that should work optimally to assure maximum safety upon careful, regular maintenance. Apart from cleaning, changing the oil and keeping the parts lubricated, you need to wear the right clothing when going for go-karting.

Clothing and accessories play essential roles in rider safety. You will definitely want to be comfortable on a hot and sunny day, but you will also need to think about safety. So, do not forgo your trainers, long pants, t-shirt, and gloves. Most go-kart owners have overalls, helmet, and balaclava that keep them clean on the mucky days. Heels and flipflops are not smart choices for going go-karting.

How to change engine oil?

Once you learn to ride it and control it, you will feel the changes in power and torque as the days go by. That is your go-kart crying for some cleaning and maintenance. Check the oil level. It should be at the bottom of the cap threads. Changing the oil is imperative and you should remove the sludge from time-to-time to keep the insides clean. Bringing the engine to working temperature will make the change easy, but be careful since the oil will be hot.

Each engine has specified schedules for oil changes. The date will vary depending on the model. A Briggs engine requires oil changes after every 25 hours. That amounts to roughly once every season. If you are unsure of how to do it, check out the get2itparts.com/Go-Kart-Parts/Manco page at the Get 2 It Parts site for guidance on maintenance. Flushing the engine is necessary for a thorough cleanup job, and you should try it every alternative oil change.

How to store your go-kart?

If you are going away on vacation or just stowing the go-kart away for the season, remember to drain the fuel. Run the engine until its completely empty. Take the cables connecting the brake and throttle apart and lubricate the ends with WD-40. Always store them far away from moisture and humidity. Be sure not to store the fuel until the next season. Your Go-Kart will need fresh gas next spring along with new lubrication of all parts.

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