3 Vital Signs That You Need Roof Restoration

October 12, 2018

A house is made up of various parts. Some parts can last for a really long time while others need repairs quite often. Sometimes, this depends on the quality of materials that you chose when you first constructed the house. High-quality materials tend to last longer than cheap, low-quality materials. Roofing is one of those things whose shelf life heavily depends on the quality of materials used on it. Some roofs can last up to 5-10 years while others can go up to 20-25 years. It also depends on the quality of the workmanship of the person installing the roof. After the roof has served its time, you need to fix it because it stops serving its purpose. You can either restore it or do a replacement. Below are some of the signs that can help you know whether it is time to hire Brisco Roof Restoration to fix your roof:

  1. Age

Every roof has the required period of time it is meant to offer its services. Asphalt roofs can last between 20-25 years while metal roofs last longer. When the time starts approaching, it may be time to think about roof restoration or replacement. You need to do this to prevent the roof from caving in. The more time that passes, the weaker the roof becomes. This is because it has been exposed to harsh weather elements and physical environments. If you notice that some parts of your roof are barely hanging on, kindly call a roofing company. You may need replacement if you have had multiple fixing incidents that don’t last. The overlays put could be hiding major issues in your roofing. It is better to have it checked out by a professional.

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  1. Animal infestation

One of the things which the roof protects the house from is infestation by small animals such as rodents. If you notice that your home is suddenly infested by possums, bats, raccoons or birds, you may have a rotting roof. This is especially true if you are sure that they could not have entered through the front door of the house. Such animals tend to keep to the attic. This is a sign that you are badly in need of roof restoration services. It is better to address the problem in its early stages before it gets worse. This is because the longer you wait, the more damage your roof suffers.

  1. Moss or algae

According to goodhousekeeping.com, one of the major signs that you need roof restoration is if your shingles are covered in moss or algae. This does not affect the integrity of the roof in most cases but it affects the appearance. It makes your house look old and worn out. If you are okay with having your roof looking like that, then it is not a problem. However, if you value the appearance of your roof, you may need to call a roof restoration company to come and fix your problem. You can also try homemade remedies such as bleach and water or zinc strips to eliminate the issue.

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