Additional Ways To Improve Your Life While Traveling

October 17, 2018

Travel within itself is a great way to improve your life. You get to break free of the cage of daily living, you experience new things, and broaden your horizons. You get to learn about different cultures, religion, food, and people first hand and overall it is almost always a good use of time and money. But if you you travel for long periods at a time, you can actually go a step further and work on your self development even more. Here are a few ideas for ways you can essentially multi-task, using your time traveling to better yourself even further:


If you are a keen traveler, you will have visited places in the world beyond the typical tourist destinations. You will know that even in places that are booming with tourism, the day to day lives of the locals is a much different situation to the glitz and glamour of fancy hotels, attractions, and restaurants. Many places in the world are desperate for some extra help, and even if you believe yourself to have no major skills, your time and effort can still be used and will be appreciated. In third world countries, this could be teaching children basic english and numeracy skills. It could be assisting construction workers building orphanages or it could be helping on a farm. Volunteering abroad will genuinely help those less fortunate and is something that can really add value to your travel and life in general. See if there are any volunteering opportunities where you are traveling to and aim to spend at least some time helping out.


One of the biggest issues most of us have when it comes to travel is having the money to fund it. But when you are freelance, you can work from anywhere in the world. Freelancing can also allow you to be really creative and with so much inspiration around you from the place you are in, it will not even feel like work. You could write a blog or start a vlogging channel on Youtube documenting your travels. You could even work on a freelancing site, writing articles or creating some other kind of content for clients. You could do this in a couple of hours in the evenings, it would earn you money and build your skills while you are traveling.


Thanks to online study, again this is something you can do from anywhere in the world, right from your laptop. Whether you want to study for a degree in English literature or a masters in operations management, you can take your course with you wherever you go. Ideal if you travel for months at a time, it is flexible and something you can do in a free couple of hours each week.


When you are traveling, you naturally up your exercise. Most of us tend to be up early each day and are out and about on foot making the most of the day. And so it is easier than ever to shed excess weight and tone up. As long as you eat sensibly, you can use your travel as a way of improving your health and fitness. You could hire bikes, go on hikes, swim in the sea, practice yoga on the beach, and much more. Far better than hitting a sweaty gym back home!

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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