Three Wineries In Colorado Every Mom Should Visit

October 24, 2018

It is a cruel irony. After you spend every waking minute mothering (yes, even the minutes where you are trying to go to the bathroom,) all you want is to relax with some good wine. But, the places with the best wine are not establishments where you can bring the ones who are creating your need for liquid relief in the first place. Until now. Wineries are becoming increasingly kid-friendly, and if you live in or are traveling to Colorado, you get to enjoy some of the absolute best wine in the world without feeling any mom guilt whatsoever.

Snowy Peaks Winery

This cute little wine tasting room in Estes Park labels itself as family-friendly and it does not disappoint. Seating is plentiful, but most parents of younger children prefer to sit in the outdoor patio. The adults get to sip some world-class wine for only $6.00 a glass, while the children get to offer their views on several varieties of complimentary juice. When they tire of debating which juice has the best combination of acidity and sweetness, the children can go off to a playroom filled with toys, games, coloring, brain teasers, etc. while the adults drink more wine, of course!

The Wine Barrel

The Wine Barrel, located in Parker, lets you see wine being made as well as letting you taste it. That alone is a pretty engaging process for most kids. They will also be wildly entertained by the owners, who have a great sense of humor. This winery offers many other activities for children as well, with games, coloring, and more. Just do not let the kids fool you into thinking they should have a slushy, as those are wine slushies. However, adults will love them as well as all of the other great wine options.

Continental Divide Winery 

Continental Divide Winery is known as the world’s highest altitude winery, so it goes without saying that the views are pretty spectacular. You may think that this sounds better for a date than for family fun, and you would be right: unlike the two offerings above, Continental Divide does not provide much for those under 21. However, they are located right next to Mountain Top Children’s Museum, which offers Kid’s Night Out every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday night. So, you can drop your kids off for a great educational experience while you go next door and get educated about wine.

Looking to stay the night? Continental Divide is in Breckenridge, where the lodging is often over budget for most families. However, a 20-minute drive puts you in Silverthorne, where lodging is much more affordable, as well as being located close to several other interesting attractions.

As the old saying goes, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. But, if you are in Colorado, you can have world-class wine and bring kids too! Salute, ladies! Plan your trip now to give you something to look forward to the next time your child is pounding on the bathroom door when all you want is to pee in peace.

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