Seven Tips For Visiting Bali On A Budget

October 31, 2018

Bali is visited by millions of tourists annually. Its welcoming and offers lots of exciting adventures. But popularity comes with a price. Vacationing in Bali is no longer as cheap as it once was. Investors keep developing the island by erecting infrastructures such as luxurious hotels, resorts, and restaurants. To get by in Bali on a budget you have to be a bit more thrifty with your spending. So we have listed a few great tips to save money on your Bali holiday:

Traveling to Bali

Airlines tend to give out discounted fares which only exist for a limited period of time. The best way to get real-time updates is to subscribe to their fare alerts. Here is a great article on how to save money on flights using fare alerts. There are handy apps that you can use to check and compare prices. Generally you should book your flights well in advance to avoid being forced to buy expensive prices. When visiting Bali on a budget, it is advisable to avoid traveling during the months of July and August, during Easter Holidays, and Christmas / New Year (December till 1st week of January).


Endeavor to fine-tune your haggling skills before traveling. In fact, it is part of Bali’s culture. Prices of products and services may be twice or thrice the regular price. Make sure to be friendly and enjoy the game. Be wary of scammers as you shop around or look for different services. Some of them will make offers that sound too good to be true to dupe unsuspecting victims.

Food and drinks

Bali is the home of indigenous dishes, which are quite affordable, tasty, and filled with nutrients. Get foods from street cafes and family-owned restaurants known as warungs that prioritise good hygiene. Eating local food instead of Western food will save you a fortune. Avoid eating anywhere to reduce the risk of consuming contaminated food products. Take advantage of happy hours in bars and drink local beer as it is cheaper than wine. Pack a reusable water bottle when preparing for your trip.


One of the reasons why Bali is among the favorite spots of most travelers is affordable accommodation options. There are plenty of budget-friendly hostels. But if you do want to stay in absolute luxury the best thing is to get a large group together and rent a Bali villa.


The common means of public transportation in Bali is quite lacking.  Be wary of taxis as they are known for taking advantage of foreigners. The cheapest taxi option is usually in a Bluebird taxi (Marked “Bali Taxi”) as they are a lot more honest. Or use local ride-hailing apps GO-JEK and Grab.  You can consider hiring a car, motorbike, or scooter so that you can reach your destination at your preferred time. It is important to have an international license if you are going for any of these options.


A great number of tourists have discovered that they can enjoy different activities at the beaches without paying a dime. Each beach is beautiful and simply watching the waves can produce a calming effect. Snorkeling and surfing are other activities that you can engage in on the beach. Tourists have the opportunity to explore most temples and rice fields freely too.


The essence of vacationing is to take a break from work and other responsibilities. Your body deserves to be treated with care and attention. In view of this, enlist the services of a professional masseuse while you are on the beach. This is a cheaper option compared to visiting a trendy massage parlor or spa.

Bali is getting more expensive, but there is still plenty of fun and adventure to be had on a budget if you travel wisely!

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