Eight Smart Tips For Traveling With Dogs

November 5, 2018

Does your dog become sad whenever they see you packing your bags? Do they try to climb inside the suitcase and pleads you to take them with you? If you are a dog owner and also travel a lot, then you are no stranger to the situation.

Dogs love to be around their owners and stay close to them as much as possible. Whenever you leave for work or for a business trip, they automatically get sad. Well, now there is a way to not make them feel sad and lonely.

These days, many people are taking their dogs with them for vacations or just for traveling. You can too!

We are providing eight easy tips that you can follow to make this transition easier and fun for both of you:

1. Take A Test Drive 

First thing’s first, and this is a very vital tip, you need to go for a test drive.

Before embarking on a journey that will be both exciting and challenging, you need to make sure your pup can handle the long hours.

Go for a 2-4 hour test drive. Observe how they react to the increased hour. If your dog shows no sign of agitation, anxiousness, motion sickness or restlessness, you are good to go.

It is important that they stay calm and collected during the whole trip. If they are not, then rather than making them feel miserable throughout the long trip, it is best to leave them back home.

2. Medications And Food

The next vital tip is packing medications and proper nutritious food. It is best not to take any chances when it comes to food and medications when you are traveling with your tyke.

If your dog is on medications, then it is best to refill them before taking the trip. For food, it is also essential you pack enough food that will last your trip.

Take a few day’s worths of extra food, just in case. It will help if your dog is on a specific diet.

Make sure that your pet is safe for traveling. This is especially important if your pet has a preexisting condition you are aware of and needs medication for comfort on the road. It is also safe to bring calming treats in case that your dog will get anxious and hyperactive when traveling. Natural calming treats for dogs will help with calming down the dog’s anxious behavior and lowering the stress levels. Just visit https://karmapets.org/products/calming-treats-for-dogs for more details on KarmaPets calming treats.

3. Accessories And Doggy Essentials

This is specifically for those who are looking for an outdoor escapade with your pup. Here is a list of things you might consider taking with your:

  • Doggy Boots: For harsh trails and cold seasons, boots are what is going to protect your dog’s paws.
  • Brushes: A new environment or a climate change may cause your dog to shed more than usual.
  • LED Collar Light: This will help you in the dark or at night. Also, instant backup light. Perfect for outdoor use.
  • Hiking Packs: This pack will enable your dog to carry some stuff with him. For instance, his own food and water.
  • Bowls: You are going to need something to feed your dog in, there are some great bowls you can buy for road trips, that will be easy to pack and clean.
  • First Aid Kit: It is important to carry this kit with you in case of emergencies or accidental cuts and bruises.
  • A Dog Jacket, blankets: On cold weather, a jacket or blanket will keep your pup warm. It is going to help a lot if they get anxious.
  • Tent for two: Obviously, your dog will not sleep outside, they will be exposed to other animals or unexpected weather conditions. Get a tent that will fit both of you.
  • Extra Collar: You can never be too careful. If you lose or misplace one an extra collar will come in handy.

Dogs have a certain pattern of habits. It will help them relax if they have the things these habits are associated with during traveling. For instance, their favorite treats or toys.

4. Dog-Friendly Hotels 

Not all hotels, motels, or lodgings allow dogs. They are very hard to find, but not entirely impossible.

Make sure to check for the hotel’s policies, extra fees, and the surrounding area when you are picking booking hotel. Sometimes, many hotels do not have nearby stores or they charge more than they should.

Keep an eye out and research properly about the hotels. Your dog needs to rest and stretch their legs as well. After all, it is a vacation for them too!

5. Traveling Apps To Make Life Easier

With the advancement of technology now you can find out everything with the touch of a few clicks. There are some great apps developed to help those who travel with their furry companion. Here is a list of a few apps you can use:

  • Bring Fido: This app helps you find dog-friendly hotels, stores, parks, restaurants, and even beaches.
  • Dog Park Finder Plus: An app that helps you locate nearby dog parks. It is great when you are traveling and your dog needs a breather.
  • Red Cross Pet First Aid: The most vital app of all. This will help you find the nearby veterinarian.
  • Dog Vacay: This app will narrow down dog-friendly or pet-friendly events or outdoor activities that are taking place wherever you are traveling to.

6. Be Patient

The many places you will visit might frighten your tyke or make him feel uneasy. You need to go be patient with your dog’s ability to adjust with the new places. Their comfort here is very important. Disregarding this may cause them to react in a different way than usual.

Also, new smells, sounds, people and places also play a big part in your dog’s comfort levels. Don’t expose your dog to everything all at once, take things slow and see how it goes at first.

Make sure to tag your dog’s collar with an address and that they are wearing them at all times. This will help when and if your dog gets lost during your trip. People who will find them can bring them to you.

7. Breaks Are Important

Breaks are very important when you are traveling with a dog. Being cooped up in a car for hours on end will make them restless. Not to mention, you will have to stop eventually for their many bathroom breaks and food stops.

Give your dog a break, help him not to feel anxious and jittery. You can pin these stops on your map to remind you to stop every now and then to keep your dog calm and relaxed.

Like I said before, technology has advanced a great deal. Make good use of them!

8. Puppy Pads

You will need these whether your dog is a seasoned traveler or a newbie when it comes to long road trips. You can use these pads to line your dog’s crates, car floors, seats in case of accidents.

It will help you to clean up easily without having the mess getting spread around too much. It is a win-win situation.

Final Thoughts

Once you arrive at your destination, all that is left to do is to unpack your and your dog’s essentials and relax.

Help your dog settle in by surrounding them with their favorite blankets and toys. They will explore around themselves and fit right in no time.

We hope our tips will make your and your dog’s journey a bit less hectic and stressful. So, plan a trip, have fun and make great memories with your furry best friend!

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