Discovering Kakadu’s Hidden Gems

November 8, 2018

Australia is one of those country’s you could spend your whole life exploring. There is so much beauty to see in this country. One of the most gorgeous parts of Australia is definitely the Kakadu region.

Kakadu is a special place to experience and is still owned by its indigenous people. From breathtaking waterfalls to wetlands filled with wildlife, you will definitely want to have your camera for this trip.

The top attractions in Kakadu are worth checking out. But the only way to really understand Kakadu is to discover its hidden gems. Among this prehistoric landscape, lies wonders that you have only dreamed of.

Before you start planning your trip to Kakadu, take a look at these lesser known attractions and add them to your itinerary. You will be thankful you took the time to do some research!

Litchfield National Park 

Kakadu National Park seems to always steal the show. However, Litchfield National Park is just as worthy of touring. Many locals prefer to visit here because it is less crowded and just as beautiful.  

The area is home to dozens of picturesque waterfalls and crystal clear watering holes. You may even be tempted to take a mid-day dip in one! The park has lots of stunning look out points, as well to admire the landscape from or take photographs. Be sure to check out some of the ruins that can be found in the park including Blyth Homestead and the Bamboo Creek abandoned tin mine.

Ubirr Rock Lookout 

If you are looking for a place to watch the sunset from, make it Ubirr Rock Lookout. It looks out across the Nadab floodplain and is a must-see part of Kakadu park. The walk up to it is gorgeous as well. You will get to see ancient aboriginal art works on the way up engraved in stone.

Take a real adventure and book a tour with Charter North Kakadu if you’d like to see Ubirr Rock and more incredible places like it in the region. Why put all the pressure on yourself to explore the area when you can have a knowledgeable and fun tour guide to bring you around?

Gunlom Falls

If swimming in a natural pool on a cliff sounds like your type of fun, then you need to get yourself to Gunlom Falls. Also located in Kakadu National Park, you can find it at Waterfall Creek. There’s a plunge pool that you can relax in there for as long as your heart desires.

Take the steep climb to the top of the cliff for a spectacular view of the southern hills. Expect the climb to take about 30 minutes. Do not attempt to do it if it is wet. Another great thing about this area? The plunge pool is wheelchair accessible.

Yurmikmik Walks

This hike is often overlooked by travelers by more popular walking spots in the Kakadu National Park. The Yurmikmik Walks is a series of connecting trails that will take you to some of the best secluded watering holes in the park.

The landscape here is wild and diverse. On your walk you will trail beside creeks. A monsoon could happen. You could spot some amazing wildlife in the woodlands. Maybe you will even chow down on some of the rock vegetation that grows here. Who knows!

Motor Car Falls

A 3 mile trek on the Yurmikmik Walks will take you to Motor Car Falls. This place is so special it needed its own spot on the list of hidden gems.

Motor Car Falls leads into a turquoise green watering hole. It might be a bit of a walk to get to, but it is definitely worth it. There will be plenty of time to cool down and relax after your sweaty hike. The walk is flat most of the way, but expect to climb over some large boulder rocks towards the end.

Maguk Gorge

Maguk Gorge is another great place to go for a refreshing swim in Kakadu National Park. It is a little bit of an exhausting hike to get there. However, once you are there you are basically in paradise.

 You can relax in the pools. Explore a few caves. And, of course, get some refreshing feels under the waterfalls. Be sure to bring some goggles and have a peak at what lies in the depths of the gorge. Hike to the top of the falls for an unforgettable view of the area.

Jim Jim Falls

Jim Jim Falls is beautiful all year round. The walk to the area is very challenging, but has idyllic rewards at the end of it. Mostly it’s the large boulders that you have to climb around that make this hike difficult. Wear good climbing shoes and be sure to bring water and snacks for this trek.

At the end of the hike, a beautiful plunge pool will greet you. Before you take a dip, take a quick scan for some fresh water crocodiles. The gorge is simply incredible. Have a camera with you because you are going to want to take lots of pictures.

Nourlangie Rock

You may think you have stepped into The Lion King when you come upon this place. At Nourlangie Rock, you are bound to come across some inspiring indigenous rock paintings that date back thousands of years. It is an easy area to climb, as well and suitable for children. 

The view from the top is what is most worthwhile from this experience. It overlooks the bushland of Kakadu and Anbangbang. The loop walk through this area will take roughly 30 to 45 minutes. Much of the walk is shaded by large boulders; any shadows are much appreciated in this hot region.

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