How To Get A Tourist Visa In Thailand?

November 8, 2018

Thailand is a very stunning country. It has temperate weather and rich beliefs, which attracts people from all over the sphere. A big part of Thailand revenue is gotten from the leisure industry sector making it the focal point of tourist in the distant east. If you happen to reside in a different part of the world going to Thailand will not be like walking in the park and leaving afterward. There are documents to be issued such as e visa thailand and guidelines, which should be followed before boarding a plane and visiting the country:

  1. Going To Thailand As A Tourist

If you are visiting Thai for sightseeing, personal enlightenment, and leisure, then you will be termed as a visitor. A tourist is not permitted to labour or conduct business in the country. A tourist will require to have a tourist visa, which is valid for a month, so that you can do sightseeing and other forms of exploration in the country.

  1. Tourist Visa

This is a document which is necessary to allow you to stay in the country for a certain duration. If you are traveling to Thailand for tourism, the visa will be stamped when you arrive at the airport. The visa can also be stamped in your home country if there is a Thailand embassy. When necessary the visa can also be extended. There are specific states, which made contracts with the Thai kingdom to be exempted from the visa, when the citizens are going to Thailand as tourists.

  1. The Requirements For A Tourist Visa

You need specific official papers and fees for you to be issued with a tourist visa. The documents and fees charged can change anytime without a notice. So it is good for you to first find out about the requirements of going to Thailand before you book your flight to go to the beautiful kingdom of Thai.

  1. The Legitimacy Of The Visa

The legitimacy of a visa is usually between three to six months’ subject on the number of entries, which you have made either from the airport or the land border. If you are going to Thailand via an international airport, your visa will have a validity of up to 60 days depending if your government made a bilateral agreement for your country to be exempted from visa.

If you are entering Thailand through the land border, your visa will be stamped for a 15 day duration. After the 15 days are over you are supposed to go back to your home country.

However, if you want to stay a bit longer in the country, you can apply for a visa extension. You will have to apply for the visa extension in the immigration office. The success of your visa extension is entirely on the hands of the officer attending on your application.

If you want to visit a country which has tropical weather and beautiful landscapes, then Thailand should be in your bucket list. But before visiting the country make sure that you have all the relevant documents and information before booking your flight.

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