Eight Beautiful Places Across Australia, USA, UK, And India That One Must Travel Before Turning 50

November 14, 2018

Sometimes, all you want to do is just take a deep breath and have a break from the monotony of it all. Everybody likes to travel to beautiful places, take in the view and feel what watching something unforgettable makes you feel. Even if you are reluctant at first, you realize eventually as to how much you needed it. I always felt that traveling helps you gain perspective of the world and its people. I knew the world is vast when I took that geography class in school, but I actually realized that when I started travelling to faraway places. I have picked out eight of the most beautiful places you just have to visit before growing old.

Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Located in Central Australia, Uluru is the world’s largest monolith and one of the most peaceful destinations you will find. An article on essaywriter4u mentions it as “If you are with your significant other or just on a solo trip that you were so much craving for, you will find Uluru one of the most beautiful and peaceful places to visit.” I suggest you reach it mid-day and soak in the view at sunset; it is the most gorgeous at sunrise and at the sunset.

Fraser Island

It is located on the southern coast of Queensland, Australia. Fraser Island boasts of a 75 mile soft sand stretch and pretty, clear waters alongside it. I would rather spend my day at a beach than on a peak of mountain, I am just that person. As a first-time traveller to Australia, I first visited Bondi as that is a world-famous beach. Sarah from AAHR suggested it to me and asked me to spend a day at Fraser Island when I told her about Bondi and how much I love beaches. It is a beautiful place that you just would not want to leave.

The Great Barrier Reef

This one along with Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is famous for the largest coral reef system in the world. The reef is home to a range of marine animals and corals. It is actually one of the most diverse ecosystems. It is a tourist hotspot and anyone vacationing in Australia will have this place in his/her top three places to visit. David who works with BestOnlineAssignmentHel previews it as “a mesmerizing experience that will open your eyes to the wonders of Mother Nature”.

Niagara Falls

Located on the border of USA and Canada; this is a waterfall famous worldwide and welcomes millions of visitors each year. There are three waterfalls cascading into one and making for a beautiful view. One of the most romantic places you are ever set to visit, Niagara Falls is stunning from each side of the border. If you are on the Canadian side of the border, there is a high chance that you might see a rainbow form too. Paperdoers rates it as one of the places you must visit in your life, and frankly, I have no difference of opinion.

Glacier National Park, Montana

The glacier national park is home to around 150 glaciers and a range of mountain habitat. Also recognized as one of World Heritage sites by UNESCO, it is one of the best places to go hiking, camping, boating, and fishing. There are tons of activities you can take to enjoy with your family or if you are planning to travel alone. I suggest you take a trip there in autumn to view the beautiful greenery and changing colors. As reviewed by Top Assignment Experts, “There are many national parks and World heritage sites in the USA but none of them equal the ambience and solitude of Glacier National Park“.

Stonehenge, United Kingdom

It is one of the most mysterious places on earth; scientists are still trying to figure out how a people were able to transport, erect the stones and as to what was the purpose of them doing so. There have been claims that this place took thousand years of to put up. The enigma and mystery surrounding it makes Stonehenge one of the must-visit places. Also, it is one of the oldest architectural creations in the world. I have been there twice and on my second trip I met a professor working for OAW; he told me that it has still not been understood if it was erected as a scientific observatory or if it was a holy ground for the people of that time. Though, there is definitive conclusion by scientists of it being astronomical in nature, but no clear proof or reason as to why it was erected.

The Lake District, United Kingdom

It has a few lakes and all of them breathtaking at the first view. A world heritage site, it is quiet and really peaceful. I advise you go there on a lazy weekend for escape and peace. If you are on Instagram, there are tons of places that are photogenic and would help you gain more followers. This place is one of the must-see in the whole of United Kingdom.

Taj Mahal, India

A tourist hotspot, Taj mahal is the most popular destination for anyone traveling to India and looking to explore it. Anyone coming to India is absolutely keen to visit it once. I promise you that the first view you take of Taj Mahal will make your heart take a leap, you will keep coming towards the monument and marveling at the architectural genius of it. Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor by whose order it was set to be erected, did so in the memory of his wife. Alisha from TFTH was kind enough to be my guide and told me that it took 20 years for the monument to be created.

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