Personal transportation reaches a new mark by offering customized services for seniors

December 8, 2018

Transportation options for senior citizens are so much limited that half of the American population 65 years and older are unable to access any kind of public transport. Among the mare people who do not know driving and have no option but to depend on public transport.  However, seniors too need to move around to fulfil their desires of social mixing that helps to keep away from the threats of isolated living that can have a toll on the health.Maintaining mobility is a desire that is intense even among people who are in poor health. Those who have been rendered immobile whether due to ageing or any sickness would be overjoyed to get the opportunity of availing transport that takes them around most comfortably.

Seniors need assisted transportation

For most people in the US, transportation means driving the car to go around independently. Driving gives them freedom and control as they enjoy the independence of being able to move around by themselves instead of depending on anyone to take them around.However, ageing is inevitable, and it takes a toll on the driving capabilities of people who after a certain time past their superannuation become compelled to stop driving, even after outliving their driving expectancy. Add to this the population of seniors who face mobility problems either due to ageing, sickness or some disabilities and desperately look for some public transport that could help them access the world around them by physically being there.

Transportation for seniors only

To address the needs of transporting seniors by taking care of various limitations in movement, anew genre of the public transport system is gradually gaining popularity.Unlike normal transportation that operates on a door-to-door basis, this special type of transportation system takes care of the special needs of seniors by offering medical and assisted transportation.  Just as anyone can book a ride on Uber or Lyfe, seniors too can now book rides on Life Ride without caring about their health and ability to move around on their own.  On this account, they are at par with other sand enjoy the independence of going places as they wish. You can book rides online or by making a phone call and get the kind of vehicle that you need for assisted transportation.

Vehicle selection

Seniors can choose the type of vehicle that suits them most from sedans to wheelchair accessible vehicles to basic life support ambulance. The drivers are well trained to assist seniors and help them with whatever they need from boarding and getting off from vehicles, assisting with seat belts and storing walkers. Wheelchair bound passengers can expect the most comfortable ride as the driver would take all measures to make them feel comfortable. Passengers who need to lie down on a stretcher when traveling would do good to choose the ambulance service.

Senior transportation is a notch above the traditional transportation system in that its service goes beyond door-to-door and picks up passengers from inside the origin location and drop them inside the destination location.

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