Choose your gun, your camera if you’re starting out as a beginner in photography

December 20, 2018

As we always say candid photography is always about capturing true happy moments when you are not aware of a photographer that he/she is clicking you. It can also be said moments photography if any other name you want to give. Whether you do it in a wedding or in any function, a photographer always has to keep his/her eyes open because he/she needs to capture the moments. A candid photographer’s job is like a sniper, all time attention towards the subject.

If you are starting out your career as a photographer, you need your gun, a camera that gives you your shots. But whatever gun you are using you should be comfortable with it otherwise you cannot fire it. There are so many cameras in the market that you can buy but if you are just starting out in the visual field, then here are some best cameras for beginners.

Canon T6i

It is one of the best cameras from cannon’s rebel line and best for those who are jumping in the photography field first time. It can be your best gun! Equipped with all the features you want. It has 24 mp crop sensors with 5 frames per second including 1080p video shooting at 30 fps. If you only want to shoot continuously with it whether you go in the wild or capturing the birth of a species, your discovery win it could be, then it has the articulated touch screen. You can move it where you want to move it. It has many autofocus points including you can very easily control it. All controls are in your hands! Automatic and semi-automatic both functions are in it and best for you if you are learning. You can get some best pre wedding shoot ideas from internet and start enjoying the features of this device. 

Nikon D3300

If you are not comfortable with the above camera then you can go with Nikon D3300, sounds like James Bond! It is 24 mp with the burst rate of 5fps. The camera is best suited for both the purposes whether you do photography or videography, though it has fixed A 3 LCD screen with the ability to capture 1080p video at 60 fps. It is one of the popular cameras among beginners. But before buying it, you should shoot three and four shots with it to know whether you can go along with it or not.

Sony a58

20.1 mp DSLR with crop sensor this camera is. If you don’t want to go with Canon and Nikon, then you can go with this Sony. It has its own charm. Particularly best for those who are only interested in photography though you can shoot 1080p video with it at 30fps. But it lacks the flexibility that it doesn’t have an articulating screen but for photographers, it is not much necessary. If you want to go differently then it is the choice.

Fuji X-T10

If you want to be a travel photographer and adventure is your forte then it is the best camera for you that has various features and tiny in size. It is the mirrorless camera with 16.3 mp at the burst rate of 8fps. It can record your videos too at 1080p. Though all cameras can do nowadays they come equipped with necessary features. It has the tilting screen but not totally articulated. A marvelous choice for those who only want to play with photography this time rather than making videos more. It is a different brand also and popular too. Also get detailed information on Red Light Camera UK.

So we have told you about the beginners’ cameras and in the end, it is your choice which one you want to buy. Whichever camera you buy but don’t think that a camera shoots the best while it is the photographer that should have the ability to shoot the best. Many beginners go through this doubt that their camera should be with all the features then they can only take the best shots while it is not the case. Study the world’s great photographer Ansel Adams or any other and you come to the conclusion that it is the art and a camera is your only tool. Apart from all, there are a number of experienced candid photographers in Delhi that you can hire if your wedding is in the city.    

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