Vital Features to Consider While Buying a Wheel Wash

January 3, 2019

The Wheel Wash over the years has gained immense popularity as a highly efficient method to clean truck tyres automatically and also make the trucks compliant for being driven perfectly on public roads. Along with offering convenience and functionality, the wheel wash will also allow a business to be socially and environmentally responsible and at the same time accruing cost benefits.

Tips to Consider

Today wheel wash is available in plenty, but in order to make the best bet and enjoy maximum ROI you need to consider a couple of pointers namely,

  • Comply to Legal Needs- To prevent track out especially on a public road is a vital consideration for most industries such as agricultural businesses, chemical, power plants, waste removal, mining, and construction. Track out from an outgoing car in these businesses which go against the needs of the EPA will be liable for a hefty fine. If you plan to invest in a wheel wash ensure to weigh the project’s cost versus the non-compliance risk and also the damages and long-term fees which the business may face. Make the most of Wheel Washing systems from the best Diverseco Measurement company.
  • How About Rumble Grids? In most businesses, trucks gather a good amount of weeds, fertilizer, dirt, stones, and mud on their underbody and tyres. Most companies offer a Rumble Grid that is added to a Wheel Wash. When the truck moves via the ramps, this grid will help in removing organic matter and loose mud prior to the truck going via a wheel wash. So, do you require adding Rumple Grid?
  • Wheel Wash or Wheel Bath? There may be different reasons to wash the tyres of the truck including spreading contamination and preventing track outs. The truck during the wheel wash bath will move via the bath of water which will help in removing loose organic material, cleaning seeds and weeds and wash the tyres gently to stop contamination to spread. This can be paired along with the Rumble Grid for loosening the dirt and mud from the tyres prior to the truck entering the bath. But if the flaps and underbody of the truck require to be washed together with the tyres the Wheel Wash that is equipped with spray jets of high pressure is needed.
  • Pit/No Pit- Today Wheel Wash is available in a different varieties of which the most widely used include- Basic System, Standard Modular System and Standard with Upgrades. Each of these uses pressure jets, so choose one as per your needs.
  • Rent or Buy? To install a Wheel Wash will help in preventing the probability to get fined by EPA or the councils. There are more cost benefits too which a business can tap at the time of buying their Wheel Wash. Recycling water or reusing the reclaiming water can offer cost benefits too. Most companies offer recycling and wastewater treatment too. Now the question is should you rent or buy a Wheel Wash? If you need to install this for a temporary site such as a temporary mining site or a temporary construction, you can opt for lease or rent options and vice versa.

The bottom line is to consider your needs and budget before investing in a Wheel Wash. All the Best!!!

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