Gulmarg: Top Places to Visit & things to do

January 15, 2019

Jammu and Kashmir, a state in India also referred as “Heaven on Earth” is one of the most striking place on earth. This Indian State has been blessed by the Almighty with so many beautiful places, valleys, hills, nature and much more. One of such places is Gulmarg. The name itself describes its beauty and essence. The word “Gulmarg” means ‘a road of flowers’. Gulmarg is a small yet beautiful town in the Indian State of India. It is an adventurous and paradise for people at the same time. Choose available Oyo Rooms Offers to find best rates for your hotels in Gulmarg.

Commonly known as the “Heartland of Winter” it is the place where first ski resort was made in the year 1927. Since then it is the place where lot of excitement takes place and is known as quintessence of skiing.

As per the census of 2011, with a population of 1965, Gulmarg lies in the Pir Piramal range of western Himalayas in the Buramala district of Jammu and Kashmir.

Places for Tourism:

Though Gulmarg itself is a tourism place but still there are some places that are worth mentioning in the tourism list. This place has mind blogging view of nature and picturesque valleys. Once you go there you will definitely say there’s no place like Gulmarg. The main places to visit in Gulmarg are:

Gulmarg Gondola:

Gulmarg Gondola which is the largest cable car in Asia and second largest in the whole world. It is the pride of the Gulmarg. It lies at an elevation of 3967 metres. This cable car connects Gulmarg to Apharwat Mountains. From there you can easily ski down. Gulmarg Gondola has a capability to ferry 600 people per hour.

Maharani Temple:

Commonly known as the “Shiva Temple of Gulmarg”. Maharaja Hari Singh, a Hindu king built this beautiful temple for his spouse Maharani Mohini Bai Sisodia. This temple is considered to be in possession of Dogra dynasty. It is temple of Hindu God Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Situated on a small hill top, this temple is surrounded with greenery. This holy temple can easily be onserved from any location of Gulmarg due to its high elevation.

St. Mary Church:

This church is a Roman Catholic and is located in the Shepherd valley of Gulmarg. Made up of grey brick it was built in the period of British rule in 1902, with a green top and its interior walls are adorned with wood. It is proudly known as the “Victorian architectural wonder”.

Baba Reshi Shrine:

Beautifully carved out walls the Baba Reshi Shrine is referred as quaint little temple. This temple is significant for parents offering prayers for their children’s health. Here at this temple you can have tasty langar.

Nagin Valley:

Re-opened after 22 years of ban, this valley is suitable for trekking. Trekkers should hire camping gears while trekking and can set up their camps in the valley.

How to reach Gulmarg?

You can reach Gulmarg by:

Flights: Within the distance of 56KM, Srinagar is the closest airport to the Gulmarg. Here you can find flights for throughout the country. You can find also find amazing ZoomCar Offers to get best self drive car options while travelling from Srinagar to Gulmarg.

Railways: If the rail route is suitable for you, Jammu at a distance of 290KM is closest railway station to Gulmarg.

Bus: Gulmarg has access to bus transport. You can find buses to Gulmarg from Srinagar, Sonmarg along with other neighboring towns.

When to visit Gulmarg?

Having a trip to Gulmarg is really good decision. You can enjoy the spectacular views of the nature along with adventure and thrills. Gulmarg is said to be year-round tourism destination but the best time to visit Gulmarg is in:

October to Friday: These are the months when winter prevails. The temperature goes down to zero degrees Celsius and the air gets thinner and chilly. If you are planning to make your snowman or you want to ski and have adventure, or you are planning for your honeymoon, then visit this place during these months. You will enjoy the snow and beautiful views. While planning trip during these months make sure you pack lots of woolen clothes to stay warm.

March to June: These are the only months when you can experience the pleasant summer of Gulmarg. If you go during March and April then you will find very little snow and you can literally witness the meadow of flowers. The one which constitutes its name. The temperature is favorable for everyone and every age group.

So be ready to pack your bags and get set for your trip to Gulmarg. Hope you enjoy your trip.

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