Cars of the decade that people crave for!

February 2, 2019

Blazing past the
signals playing Tokyo drift tune with wheels screeching under the seat- that is
a feeling that would make most men go crazy. Driving is a passion that boosts
you up and gives you an unmatched feel. The launch of some awesome cars has
fueled the passion even more. It’s almost the end of the decade and what a
decade it has been already! Let’s have a look at some of the fantastic beauties
to hit the road this decade:

AUDI A8 (2019)

Audi has always been the first-sight love
for many. The A-8 is no different. It mesmerizes you the moment you see it and
would make you beg to get into the driver’s seat. Priced at around $83,000, the
A-8 does complete justice with its brand name with its seamless Intercooled
turbo gas 335 hp engine, soothing interiors, and automatic transmission.

Mercedes Benz

Another beauty to go after, Benz is
indeed a class apart. For years, Mercedes has been a brand for the black-suited
gentlemen, and Benz S-class goes on to live the legacy. Priced at about
$100,000 it comes with a Twin Turbo Premium Unleaded V-8 4.0 engine, which
makes sure you get the best in the business.

Rolls Royce Ghost

Talking of luxury and omitting Rolls
Royce would be offense to the luxury world. Who would ever want to miss a
British royal ride on the Rolls Royce? Though it comes at a price of $311,000, one
can rent this beauty from Royal Exotic California if you want to enjoy a ride or two. Apart from the best comfort and
class that it gets you, it has a Twin Turbo 400 hp engine, making it stand tall
in power as well.

Porsche Panamera

The Germans have undoubtedly been one of
the pioneers of luxury cars. Owned by Volkswagen, Porsche is one of the leading
German brands that makes sports and luxury cars. With a price ranging between
$80,000-$190,000, Panamera has all the powers to woo you in terms of comfort,
speed, and class. It has good mileage, smooth handling, and super comfortable
interiors. With engines available in both diesel and gas ranging from 330-680
hp, it gives you a prime ride.

Jaguar XJ

Known for its sport and luxury cars, the
British giant Jaguar doesn’t leave a stone unturned in delivering excellent
performance. XJ makes no difference. With power Intercooled supercharger
engines of up to 575 hp making it robust and spacious interiors making it
comfortable, it is one of the best luxury cars manufactured in the current

Lexus LS

With premium looks and best-in-class
features, Lexus costs anywhere between $75,000-$85,000. It has been
continuously redesigned to upgrade its seating features in terms of comfort and
looks, and a 350-450 hp engine delivers the
best performance at this price. Lexus has a lot of features which makes it a
treat to ride and thus deserves a place in the cars of the decade. 

Cars or automotive mentioned above are a mere window to the ever-growing scenario of cars. For some, cars are means of transport, while for some, they are love. Whether or not you belong to the latter category, you might end up falling for any of the above beauties.

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