Best YouTube Fitness Trainers for Weight Lifting At Home

February 5, 2019

2019 has already arrived and summer is right around the corner. The desire to be fit and attractive is on everyone’s mind these days but they don’t want to spend thousands of dollars at the gym. And why not? When you can get the same kind of workouts on YouTube itself, why do you have to be worried about going to the gym? Down below, we have enlisted some of the best workouts and fitness coaches you can consider doing at home without having to pay a penny.

  1. Tone It Up

Karena Dawn & Katrina Dawn, the owners of Tone It Up are by far the best people you will come across when it comes to exercising, weight training, cardio, and lifting at home. They are incredibly successful and have hundreds of videos where you can actually learn how to workout like a pro. You can also connect with these girls on Instagram and their website for some cool workout routines & live videos for further advice. We are sure you won’t have any regrets. Tone It Up has been active since the year 2009 and is also a popular one among those trying to get fit!

2. Rebecca Louise

Former hockey player and athlete, Rebecca Louise is also an inspirational fitness coach you can subscribe to on YouTube. She has been making videos for almost years now and people love her 15-minute calorie burn and butt workouts. She has been into soccer and netball a lot and today, she is a certified personal trainer and yoga teacher. She also has a lot of tasty and delicious recipes you can try once you look at her website online. You can also go and check all the retreats that she has been doing these days. We have no doubts that you will love her.

3. Blogilates

After creating her first YouTube video back in 2009, Cassey Ho is one of the world’s most wanted fitness trainers you will ever come across. Regardless of whether you are looking for a squat challenge or simply weight lifting at home, we promise you guys, she will impress you with tricks up her sleeve. She has done several 20-minute workouts, boot camps, single-song challenges, yoga based workouts and a lot more. Cassey Ho is known best for her thigh, arms and ab workouts and is definitely someone you should subscribe to for the best workouts.

4. Popsugar

When Popsugar first started their videos, they were not very well known, but over the years they have really picked up the pace and have over millions of views today. From dance workouts to quick sweat workouts to even toning up and lifting some weights, Popsugar Fitness offers you the best of anything. They have incorporated some of the best fitness trainers from around the world because of which the workouts are always so fun, relaxing and energizing. You could definitely give it a shot!

5. Bodyfit by Amy

You can’t do a full body workout with dumbbells without Amy. She might be a little new in the business but she is actually doing quite well with her amazing workouts. Bodyfit happens to have hundreds and thousands of viewers and she is definitely beneficial for those who are a little new to workout and want to learn more. Her beginner workouts are in fact the best!

6. Sydney Cummings

An Aussie personal trainer who has only completed a year in her journey on YouTube, Sydney Cummings is highly trending these days- thanks to her amazing workout videos. From athletic workouts to some kickboxing to agility, Sydney Cummings is an expert when it comes to giving you mind-blowing, butt-kicking total body workouts. The plus point about following her is that you will know how many calories you are burning as she mentions that in the workout itself.


Do you want to have great looking, strong abs without having to lie down? We have Bowflex for you! These guys are experts when it comes to giving you a mind-blowinga and solid workout. They are effective, have thousands of followers and have several short workouts you can try if very little time is what you have. They also have a lot of advice on how you can better at fitness and improving your body!

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