Palace on Wheels – Famous Luxury Train in the World

February 12, 2019

India’s Palace on Wheels is the name everywhere in the world resounding as the best luxury train known for classy and royal ambiance. The Palace on Wheels under the maintenance of Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) and Indian Railways was a great huge success in implementing India’s best luxury train forever. Passing through the tourist attractions of Rajasthan, it is attracting the tourists from all over the world to embark Palace on Wheels.

People who experienced the train expressing their feelings that the Palace on Wheels train ride is the best-ever in the world to enjoy the luxuriousness and royalty. And a huge response from all over the world made Palace on Wheels voted as 4th the best luxury train in the world. Many awards and recognition achieved by the Palace on Wheels from all over the world signify its influencing trademark in the era of luxury trains.

Let’s know why the Palace on Wheels becoming as the most favourite one all over the world.


Palace on Wheels itinerary is also one of the most interesting factors that attract travelers. Because the train covers all variations of Indian tourism such as historical wonders, natural attractions, experiencing desert and wildlife, etc within seven days. So for foreigners, it will be very helpful to cover the tourist attractions in a few days with more comfort and pleasantness.

Royal Carriages

The first thing that makes everyone to choose Palace on Wheels India is its royal carriages. All carriages or coaches of the Palace on Wheels are once the royal carriages of Indian Maharajas, so every suite or room in the train looks very grand and royal. The interiors and furnishings of the rooms on Palace on Wheels make everyone astonish. Moreover, some intricate architectural styles and fine paintings in the rooms and suites make the tourists that they are really in a palace.

Due to all these classy looks, tourists from all over the world show interest to travel through the Palace on Wheels to enjoy the royal environment of the train.

World-Class Facilities and Amenities

From the classy and royal rooms to the all facilities available on the train makes everyone mostly attract to be a part of the train. The luxurious facilities of the train are the major aspects for such a crowd to the Palace on Wheels to travel through it.

Let’s get into deeper what they are.

Rooms and Suites

Every room and suite in Palace on Wheels will be equipped with all needs and requirements like full air-conditioning, WiFi facility, Electronic safe locks, and a private bathroom with all modern equipment, etc. Everything in the rooms will satisfy the traveler requirements.


The two restaurants of the train, namely Maharaja and Maharani are the best multi-cuisine restaurants. Here in these restaurants Indian and International cuisines will suppress travelers hunger.

Spa and Bar

Spa and Bar on the board are the best places to get refresh from stresses and hurry lifestyle. The Spa of Palace on Wheels offers all Ayurvedic therapies and massages which made you feel serene and pleasant. And a well-stocked bar with all varieties of Indian and International brands will make tourists get to relax with a sip of wine.

Furthermore, sitting lounge, conference room, saloon, etc are all world-class facilities of the train attracts tourists to get on Palace on Wheels.

All these things and reasons made Palace on Wheels popular all over the world. You can also book the Palace on Wheels train online. Now it’s the first luxury train most of all choosing to discover the tourist attractions of India.

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