Where To Take Your Kids Around The Globe

February 19, 2019

If you want to show your kids the joys of traveling, then taking them to different countries is great for teaching them the excitement of setting foot in what feels like a new world. Taking them when they are old enough to remember should hopefully give them a yearning to travel and broaden their horizons in later life. Showing them what life is like across different continents might even encourage them to work abroad as adults.


If you want to refine your children’s palates, then Italy is a great place to broaden what is on their plate. If you have fussy eaters on your hands — start with the classics: pizza and pasta. By getting your kids to experiment with high-quality food with unique and interesting flavors will encourage them to expand their palate in a way they might just enjoy. If your kids just do not believe it is a vacation without a beach, then places such as Sicily or Sardinia will not disappoint with their glittering shorelines. 


The S.E.A. Aquarium on Sentosa Island is not only one of the largest in the world, but one of the best places to show your children some of the most exotic and intimidating sea predators on the planet — all behind the safety of glossy aquarium tanks. Their zoo is also set in an actual, real-life rainforest, which is home to over 2,800 animals, including some high-personality orangutans. Bringing home souvenir gifts from a country that has its very own rainforest animals will delight any school friends back at home.         


Most countries have a botanic garden of some description, including all the usual pretty flowers and palm houses and botanical garden, however, visiting one in a country with such vibrant wildlife is an entirely different experience. Here the palms grow outside next to lily-filled lakes andyou can even see delicately exotic flowers that have the surprising ability to kill and stun fish. Watching Sega dancing on the sandy beaches of this sunny nation is also a captivating sight to behold; watching dancers who express joy through their traditional dance. 

The United Kingdom & Ireland

If your kids are old enough to remember the trip, but not quite old enough to develop the skills for another language, then taking them somewhere with a common language will still give them some cultural insights. Taking them to the sea-embroidered county of Galway to soak up some literary culture or to the Ring of Kerry to enjoy the deep-green fields of Ireland is perfect for showing them an entirely new landscape. Taking them to London in England has far too many historical opportunities to mention, so it is a good idea to decide where to look in advance, although the Tower of London is always recommended. 

Wherever you end up traveling, it is always good to pick a slow day to start off with — children might have boundless energy, but maybe not after their first experience of jetlag. Traveling the world certainly does not end when you have children, so why not take them with you?

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