Benefits of having Commercial Glass Doors in Offices and Hospitals

February 28, 2019

Glass doors which could either be automatic or manual are popular in commercial spaces in the modern era. They are considered to be more efficient and effective in controlling the flow of traffic within hospitals and offices. Since the commercial glass doors are easy to clean, they have taken over from the wooden and the traditional steel designs. Hospitals and offices are installed with the commercial glass doors so that they can become more modernized. If your office still has a traditional wooden or steel design, you need to upgrade to the commercial design. First off, your office will become more elegant and trendy. This is the same for modern hospitals which needed to look elegant and sleek for the comfort of visitors. When your office looks sleek, you increase your chances of getting that contract from a client. The image of a business is made brighter when you have glass partitions, doors or windows. Commercial glass doors within hospitals and offices make the owners enjoy certain benefits. If you are still wondering the benefits that you would enjoy as an office owner by installing commercial glass doors, please read on through the article to find out more.

They are strong and durable

Commercial glass doors are mostly made from tempered r acrylic glass. These two types of glass are hardened such that they can withstand strong external forces. When doors made from either of these glass types are installed in hospitals or office, you do not have to worry about the risk of people being injured in case of accidents. In hospitals, there are a lot of activities going on every time. There are wheelchairs, people and other equipment moving at all times. In this process due to the high flow of human traffic, there could be accidents. If the glass doors are made from standard glass, breaking them only requires a small force. The shattered pieces of glass would then cause injuries to the people around. This is a problem that has been solved by the introduction of commercial glass doors that are made from hardened glass which is not easily shattered.

They are durable

The durability of some types of glass is not guaranteed. Durability means that a glass surface should maintain its original shape even after many years in use. With the commercial glass doors in hospitals and offices, there is long durability. The durability is made long by the type of glass material used in their making. Tempered glass is resistant to abrasion and cannot wear and tear easily. This is a feature which has made the commercial glass doors to be popular in hospitals and offices. Apart from the high initial costs, you will not require replacement or repair that may be as a result of damages.  Head over to Larnec Doors if you are interested in industrial doors.

Resistance to rust and rodents

Rust is caused by a reaction between steel and water. Glass is a material that has gained popularity due to its resistance to rust. It does not easily react with water which makes it resistant. Since some of the glass materials are covered in frosting film, it provides an additional layer of protection against reaction with hard water. The minerals in hard water can react with the glass materials making them form hard stains. Also, compared to the wooden type of doors, the commercial glass doors are not vulnerable to being attacked by rodents. This is a primary benefit that you will enjoy if you install commercial glass doors in your office or the hospital.

They make an office look larger

Having glass doors that lead to different rooms in your office can help to make space look larger. When the commercial glass doors are left clear, the employees and anyone working within the environment can see each other. The transition from one room to another is through a commercial glass door. If you want your office space to remain large, you may ignore the installation of frosting film among other modifications that will make your glass obscured.

They help save on space

 Compare to the traditional wooden and steel doors, the commercial glass doors are on bulky and occupy less space in the office or a hospital. When installing, you only need the right tools, and the door will be operational in no time. The space occupied by the door is its thickness only.  When your office has limited space, and you would want to make it look modernized and sleek, you would need to buy commercial glass doors since it will not eat up space in the long run. Selecting a frameless design of commercial glass door would be the most preferred choice especially when you are looking forward to saving on space.  

Automatic commercial glass doors

The automatic type of commercial glass doors in offices and hospitals has made life easy for everyone. There is convenience since they have sensors which make them open and close automatically. The commercial glass doors that are operated automatically eliminate the need for the users to pull or push them when they want to go through. For instance, an employee within an office carrying a heavy load would find it difficult to open a bulky door. When the door opens automatically, there is a convenience for such users. In the hospital settings, the patients with wheelchairs do not have to open the doors by themselves since they are automated.

Improved public perception

 When you have automatic commercial glass doors in your office or a hospital, the visitors will regard the environment as a top leader. This could give you a high rating from your clients since they consider you to be a leader in a particular industry.

When selecting the door, the best commercial glass would be the tempered glass type. This will remain durable and can be used for many years within the same office or hospital. Also, it is resistant to abrasion which makes it remain in good condition that would not spoil the image of your company.

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