Best Routes For A Road Trip In Europe: The Most Motorhome Friendly Countries

March 22, 2019

Europe is a true wonderland for motorhome lovers. The old continent is abundant in diverse, beautiful, multi-cultural countries that are more than accommodating to motorhome tourists and their laid-back, personal approach to exploration.

You can find lots of free spots in practically every country where, most likely, you’d be able to spend a night or more without anyone bothering you. This is particularly true for remote, natural areas near beaches, which are the kind of places motorhome lovers’ dreams are made of, anyway. Of course, Europe offers a plethora of campsites as well – some sources say over 8,000, equipped with all kinds of motorhome-style luxuries, from pools, to resting areas, playground for kids, bars, and of course, breathtaking views and scenery.

The only problem is the options are almost too many and choosing between them can be an overwhelming task. Here’s a little hand, so you can focus on other aspects like renting a motorhome or ensuring you have the best motorhome insurance. For that you need to check a motorhome insurance comparison site before making an informed decision on your purchase. 


France is so generous to motorhome tourists on many different levels, you could easily dedicate an entire trip just to this multi-faceted country.

First off, on a more trivial, but very important note, France has many Aires, which are motorhome stopovers that are real life-savers for weary drivers. They are either free or very cheap and are perfect for travelers that aren’t on a very tight schedule. At the very least, they have a dump station and a water tap.

Beyond that, France is equipped with all kinds of campsites, offering anything that goes with the camper van lifestyle. rea about catalytic convertor cleaner.

And when it comes to actual sightseeing and exploration, France can rival any country on any paragraph. Whether you want to see big metropolises, small coastal towns, or unadulterated, natural landscapes, there’s no way you won’t be able to find what you’re looking for.

Of course, Paris, along with some of the other big French towns, are always just brimming with history and culture. However, if that’s not what really gets you up in the morning, there are more classical motorhome delights as well throughout the enchanting south France. The French Riviera is often touted as one of the prettiest, most picturesque coastlines in the world. Besides the more traditional, luxurious sites, the South is studded with many small, coastal towns that carry the signature charm of the Mediterranean.


Everything about Norway just spells a motorhome traveler’s dream.

Again, let’s start with the more practical aspect, which sounds almost too good to be true: Norway has a little paragraph in its law, called “allemannsretten,” which in English is translated as the freedom or the right to roam, meaning that anyone is entitled to camp for free on uncultivated land for up to two nights.

But Norway’s magic in no way doesn’t end there. The Nordic country is famous for its truly awe-inspiring, otherworldly scenery. Its fjords are a natural wonder unlike anything else on this planet, and you could easily spend days admiring their raw, unadorned beauty as you drive along the country’s boundless coastlines.

And let’s not forget the cherry on the Norwegian cake – the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, which are the mesmerizing, luminous lights you can see dancing in the night sky, usually between October and March. Many people plan entire trips around this magical natural phenomenon, and the best part about it, from a motorhome lover’s standpoint, is that it’s best enjoyed far away from big towns and their bright lights.

Portugal – Spain – Italy

For the motorhome enthusiasts who are particularly susceptible to the Mediterranean charm, this is the dream itinerary. Besides many lovely, well-equipped campsites, there are also loads of motorhome service areas where you can drain waste, fill up on fresh water, and take care of other trivialities. They are usually very strategically located around some beautiful views.

Furthermore, Mediterranean people are known for their laid-back demeanor and natural affinity for simplistic, good living, which is why motorhome travelers fit right in and are usually more than welcomed. There are lots of remote locations with picturesque scenery where you can likely spend the night for free and enjoy some fine weather and signature, Mediterranean cuisine.

Germany – Czech Republic – Slovakia – Hungary – Slovenia

Germany and Slovenia are often touted as two of the most motorhome-friendly European countries, so why not make an itinerary with them as the beginning and the end, respectively, while incorporating a few other European gems.

The great thing about such a road trip is that unlike a Mediterranean itinerary that stays somewhat similar throughout, you’ll get to experience the gradual change from Western to Eastern Europe, with all the differences in scenery, architecture, and culture.

Germany has many areas which are perfect for motorhome travel, like the Rhine Valley and Koblenz and Mainz with Slovenia complete travel guide. The Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary, on the other hand, each have a jewel in their crowns like the historic Prague and the picturesque Bratislava and Budapest, respectively. Slovenia is perfect for a final destination as it’s full of many great places to visit, plus you can finish the trip with a view of the sea, which is always a positive note to end on.

A road trip through the old continent on a cozy four-wheeled home can be a highlight of eclectic experiences you couldn’t recreate in any other way. With so many places to see and campsites to rest at, Europe is definitely in the title contention for the most motorhome-friendly continent in the world.

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