Four Ways Portsmouth Works For Family Getaways

April 24, 2019

London might have some of the best attractions in the world, but let us be honest, it can cost a fortune to visit. When you make it a family trip the costs just are not affordable for most.

It means that you sometimes need to think outside the box and look at alternatives. Portsmouth falls into this category and considering the fact that it is sat a short train ride away from the capital, it is starting to attract a surprisingly high number of tourists. With hotels of a much better value, and with so many sights to see, suddenly that short trip to Portsmouth looks a lot more practical.

Let us now take a look at some of the big attractions you can visit that the kids are going to enjoy in Portsmouth:

Bluereef Aquarium

This is arguably the premier attraction for families in Portsmouth, with Bluereef Aquarium having over forty different displays. The aquarium contains sharks, stingrays, and even has an underwater, walk-through tunnel which always proves favorable amongst visitors.

If you time your trip for the summer months, Bluereef also has a splash pool and outdoor play area that is sure to go down well with little ones.

Southsea Model Village

In terms of out-of-the-box suggestions, this next one probably tops the list. Sure, models are not going to be the thing on every child’s mind, but they do capture attention and can at least offer something different to the standard holiday attractions.

In relation to Southsea Model Village, this 1/12th scale village has proven to be hugely popular in the area. There are around forty different houses, and even a model railway which runs around the village.

It is something that will appeal to both kids and adults and in relation to the former, there is even a playground.

Emirates Spinnaker Tower

For those kids who love being on top of the world, let us take a look at the Emirates Spinnaker Tower. This is one of the dominating features of the city and happens to be one of the tallest towers outside of London. It stands 170m tall and its design is based on a sail, which ties directly into Portsmouth’s maritime history.

Of course, for most kids the climb is just too much. Fortunately, there is a lift to help you all on your way and you will find yourself at the top of the tower within just thirty seconds. From there, you will be able to see views up to 23 miles away.

Make a day trip

For those who want to give the family more than a standard day trip, you can even cross the ocean courtesy of the ferries that run from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight. Sure, this is a small island, but it makes for an adventure and the Wightlink ferry and Hovertravel hovercraft are running each and every day to take you there.

From this point on, have a look at the famous Needles attraction or even have a go at Wight karting. In short, even though this might be a small island, it has plenty to keep the whole family entertained.

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