Five Tips For Traveling In Dangerous Countries

May 13, 2019

There are people who are fond of danger. In childhood, they climb the tallest trees. In the university, they do not do homework and order help from or any other writing platform, cheat during exams, and play truant. Being adults, such individuals go on to play extreme sports and travel to countries that are considered to be dangerous.

If you are one of such adventurous personalities or your relative/friend is, just to be on the safe side, check this article and get acquainted with a few tips for visiting dangerous countries. 

  • Think of your health

Firstly, get life insurance. In case of a natural disaster like the earthquake in Japan, a bite of an animal with rabies in India, or an injury due to the gunplay in Syria, you should be secured having a special document that allows you to receive professional medical help in the place you are staying. Even if there is no need for a person to have the life insurance to actually explore the particular area, it is still better to buy it in case of life-threatening situations.

Secondly, make sure you have all the required vaccines before traveling abroad. You can find the list of the needed injections to be done on the official site of the embassy of a particular state. Also, ask your doctor for the information regarding health remedies to know about before going somewhere abroad.

Thirdly, take medicines with you. In some countries, it is simply not allowed to sell particular pills without prescriptions; others may have low-quality drugs. In addition, each person has to take first aid kit and other medicines if there are any peculiar he or she needs in case something suddenly happens. Because you will not have time to search for the pharmacy, spend time trying to translate what you want or look for the closest money exchange to actually buy something for your health.

  • Plan your route

Before you visit dangerous countries, think of the safest route possible. Get in touch with the locals to ask for the least life-threatening places and look for the answers to all your questions regarding the tour. 

Book hostels or hotel rooms, rent cars, and decide on what restaurants to go to in advance in order not to fall into frauds’ traps saving money or even life. Moreover, it is better to do so to be calm and not to worry about the place to have a rest or food.

  • Get acquainted with the culture

It is every traveler’s must to be acquainted with history, culture, religion, and traditions of the country he or she is going to. The research is to be done before actually making the trip. There are some things that are forbidden due to local’s beliefs, for example, one cannot enter the sacred building such as mosques or Buddhist temples with their shoes on. Other things may simply differ from those common for your motherland, for example, in the USA, if a person means ‘yes’, he or she can nod the head up and down, while in Bulgaria this sign means directly the opposite signifying disagreement. 

Not only behavior, but also appearance matters. It is not okay if a woman is dressed in a mini skirt in a majority of Muslim countries. Or, in India, for example, it is better not to wear white clothes as they are put on only during funerals. 

  • Stay in touch 

Before you go any place you know is not 100% safe, tell your friends and family about it. Call them or drop a few messages every day or, ideally, in the morning and in the evening, so that they have to know more or less, where you are, who you are with, and where you are planning to go further.

Moreover, download a few GPS tracking apps on your mobile phone. In case, something bad happens, your close ones can detect the area you are at in order to find you or to send some help to you. In addition, if you lose your gadget or someone steals it from you, it can be simply found with the help of such useful tools.

  • Travel in a group

Try to find a few fellows that share your love for danger and would like to go with you. It is always safer to travel in a group. 

Remember that two heads are better than one. In case of some difficult or risky situations, better solution will come once you discuss it with everyone. Moreover, there always may be a person who knows the language or the one who can drive a car, which is helpful during a trip. 

You can also make friends with a few locals with the help of social media or on the spot. Why don’t you ask them to join you? It is advantageous to have a buddy around who is a native speaker and knows everything about the land starting from the most interesting and extraordinary places to go to and ending up with the places with most delicious food to eat.


Think a hundred times before making the decision to visit dangerous countries. It may have drastic outcomes for your health or even life and may influence your close ones’ wellbeing as well. But if you are still determined to take risks and go to such an adventure, make sure you are safe by taking into account the tips below, talking to people who have already visited the country and thinking of your own ways to prevent yourself from all the possible threats.

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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