The Top Six Fitness Trends To Try In 2019

May 25, 2019

Fitness enthusiasts are always in search of new activities or exercise routines. The same type of exercise or workouts can get boring unless you are a professional athlete. If you are looking to add something new and fun to your fitness routine, you can try the following trends.

  • Short workout sessions

Shorter workout sessions can be more effective than lengthy ones. More and more people are signing up for short workout sessions in Gym. This is because of increased awareness. People are getting more and more concerned about their health. Short workouts allow people with tight schedules to stay fit without spending hours in gym. The demand for short training sessions will grow in the coming time. A number of fitness studios are introducing workout sessions that promise greater results in lesser time.

  • Participation in group classes

Group sessions motivate you to workout harder. Group sessions include Yoga, circuit training, or HIIT programs. There is healthy competition that motivates you to work hard and achieve your fitness goals. With any kind of exercise or workout activity, you will need the proper gear to avoid potential injuries. Your shoe should fit and not easily wear out with repeated sessions. You’ll need shoes for Zumba as it is easy to damage your feet or ankles if your footwear is actively working against you.

Group fitness classes have been gaining more popularity. The motivational appeal of working out as a group is what attracts people the most. According to statistics, around 27% of US adults took part in group workout classes at least once a week in 2018.  

  • Marathon training

Running comes with tremendous benefits and you can take running to the next level by starting to prepare for a marathon. According to Running USA, more and more people are participating in the marathons and the number of marathon finishers has been on the rise.

It is extremely challenging. You will have to add extra miles on a regular basis and the long term goal will keep you busy for months. You need to pick the right shoes and follow the guidelines to avoid injuries.

  • Pound workout

Pound workout is yet another new (and fun) exercise that is gaining traction. This exercise is a full-body cardio workout where the participants mimic playing drums.

You will spend some time slamming your arms to the drum’s beat. This exercise is basically a group workout where you challenge your body with some choreography. There is no music in the background and it is the participants that create the music. Pounds are the best way to shake those extra pounds off your body and to have fun with your friends.

  • Aerial yoga

Aerial yoga is a strength-based exercise intended to help you challenge your body using a 30-feet long cloth attached to the ceiling. This is obviously not for beginners and you will progress slowly. But this is a great exercise to strengthen your arms and core.

Many Yoga and gymnastic studios are offering classes for beginners. Take a few beginner classes to see if you are the right fit for this exercise.

  • Dance fitness

Almost every studio offers dance fitness classes. The concept is not new but it’s getting more popular because the boring routines of gyms or weight training are not suited for everybody. You must have heard of Zumba. It is a form of exercise where you dance to great music and burn tons of calories. Now, Bokwa is getting popular as well. It is a hip-hop based dance-fitness routine that includes South-Asian dancing moves.

The participants can improvise moves with the help of a trained instructor. Although this workout is cardio-intensive, people of all ages can try it with a few modifications.


Trying new exercises rather than sticking to a single routine offers greater health benefits. Working out is all about challenging your body. This means you need to move out of your comfort zone and try a variety of activities that challenge your body.

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