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May 28, 2019

There are luxury travel destinations the world over — you just have to know where to look. And while roughing it on holiday has its allure, sometimes you need a little extra special treatment in your life. From epic bush adventures to a magical night out in the desert, we have compiled a list of luxury experiences that offer an unparalleled level of beauty and amazement that you have to try if traveling is your passion.

Luxury desert camps and camel tours, Jordan

Camping in Jordan

Have you ever imagined yourself living the lifestyle of a Bedouin, spending days in the desert eating the delicacies of the Middle East while in a remote location that spreads out for miles and miles in every direction? If you would like to try without losing all of your creature comforts then Discovery Bedu, with their focus on authenticity and sustainability, should be your next destination.

This secluded and spacious Bedouin adventure offers you tented suites that have all the amenities alongside mesmerizing views when it is time for the sun to set and stars expanding in clusters as far as the eye can see during the night. They also offer sandboarding, aero sports, 4×4 tours, and camel rides that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the desert culture.

Fly fishing Patagonia, Argentina

Fly fishing in Argentina

For spectacular views of Patagonia while lazily cruising down the Limay River and trying your hand at fly fishing, there is no better place to stay than Limay River Lodge

Prepare to go eco-friendly and live in the lap of luxury while you are in the Patagonian Wilderness. While fly fishing is the major attraction, there are several tours you can partake in that allow you to explore an Argentina you have never seen before. Couple that with 5-star cuisine, sublime accommodation and the breathtaking views, and you will never want to leave.   

A ‘Big Five’ experience, Thanda Safari

Safari in Africa

Safari has always been a major attraction for those traveling to Africa, so why not simultaneously immerse yourself in the Zulu culture while you get to experience all “Big 5” animals: lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, and rhino. With 14,000 hectares in one of the world’s leading luxury lodges you can make this a reality right now at Thanda Safari.

Here you will find experiences like nothing else, all while you are nestled in the South African bushveld. Take a game drive during the day or night to view the wildlife and endless sprawl of flora that they live in or take the time to relax with a spa day where you will be pampered and treated like royalty before feasting and being entertained by the local performers at night. Whatever you fancy, they cater to your every need.

Glamping Wilpattu Nature Reserve, Sri Lanka

Glamping in Sri Lanka

Wilpattu is nicknamed the “land of the lakes” and is the largest national park in Sri Lanka. One of its main attractions is that it is regarded on of the best places to see the elusive leopard and rare sloth bear. Crocodiles and buffalos are found in abundance, and the region is also an ornithologist’s dream. 

While their animal and bird sightings are the main draw, luxury accommodations such as those at Wilpattu Safari Camp offer glamping that immerses you in all of it. You will sleep to the sounds of the forest and wake up to spectacular views and Sri Lankan cuisine. If you crave adventure, then this could be for you.

Falconry and horse riding at Gleneagles, Scotland

Falconry and horse riding at Gleneagles, Scotland

For a more refined experience that exists outdoors but is largely geared towards activity then perhaps you would like to travel to Gleneagles in Scotland to do so. Gleaneagles, for the most part, is highly regarded as one of the world’s premier golfing destinations, referred to as the Home of Golf, but is known for so much more.

Their Equestrian School is an elite riding center where you can take a ride at any level of expertise throughout the estate, learn to play polo, or even try your hand at carriage riding. If equestrianism is not your cup of tea, then perhaps falconry is. Learn the ageless techniques and art of falconry and get a taste of what it was like in Europe hundreds of years ago. Whatever you fancy, this luxury 5-star resort has it all. 

Aire de Bardenas Reales Nature Reserve, Spain

Bubbles in Spain

An unparalleled experience awaits you in one of the most soothing places on Earth. Imagine the wisps of the wind alongside stunning sunrises and sunsets, the stars, and the natural world all presenting itself to you at once while simultaneously being in a place that is renowned for its award-winning architecture and design.

Aire de Bardenas is where you will find this unique experience in the National Park of the Bardenas. You will even get the opportunity to live in one of their ‘bubbles’ that are in full view of the solar system during the night and fully kitted out with every amenity. 

Snorkeling and surfing, Hawaii


If the sport of champions is more up your alley, then perhaps the idea of residing in a luxury hotel that stands on over 15 beachfront acres in Maui is what you are after. Hawaii is where you will be, and surfing and snorkeling will be your game, but it will not end there at Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort.

While surfing lessons are readily available, you will be enticed by the Polynesian culture and will want to learn about the history of Maui over authentic meals and cocktails during the Feast at Mokapu. Hike up the trails of a volcano in Haleakala National Park or go underwater in the Pacific Ocean. And after all is done, you will return back to your resort and relax and recline after days well spent. How can you say no?

Traverse the outback, Australia

Traverse the outback in Australia

Finally, Australia has always had this allure of being a wild and dangerous place, larger than life, still untamed, and not for the faint of heart. But the Australian Outback offers so much more than you can possibly imagine — and places like Kakadu cannot be missed out on, especially if you are an adventure seeker.

While traveling through the wild you will spot buffalo, crocodiles, and masses of birdlife, alongside many otherworldly creatures that only Australia could house! You will discover picturesque waterfalls and ancient art that has been there for centuries. You will drift through billabongs and swamps, all the while led by an indigenous guide.

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