Child Safety: The Best Applications

July 16, 2019

Every single penny we earn is not more valuable than our family. After all, it is all for them. So why to take risks in the case of their safety because you cannot reach various places at the same time? But, you can leverage modern tracking applications to provide a complete security to them. With these apps, you can monitor their activities, listen to surrounding, use SOS feature, track their location and use many other services. Let us figure out a few best applications offering such services:

Find My Kids

Find my kids stands at the number one over our count. It is an incredible app available for Android as well as iOS devices. You will get notified with your child’s real-time location from time to time. Suppose they reached at tuition class, app will notify you. Apart from the notification, you can also check their movement history. Your child can send SOS signal in case of any emergency. You can listen to what is happening around them. If your child spent too much time over mobile phone, the statistic feature of this app will let you know where are they spending most of their time. This app can also be accessed over the web browser. All you need is to open and start monitoring now. 


Safe365 is developed to provide the improved security for your family, friends or another beloved once. It allows you to detect their location through GPS functionality of the cell phone or other supported devices. With this, you can locate where your kid, wife, brother or anyone is at any time. It also avails a red button in case of emergency. It will notify you in case the app cannot detect your family members. You can get this app for free from Play Store.


MapQuest is one more GPS tracking application available for Android users. It is the very fast navigation enables support for taking you to the destination. This app has marked its presence with incredible voice-enabled navigation feature for providing the right directions. Now, you must be thinking about what exactly makes it special? Well, it is integrated with the GrubHub and OpenTable so that you can freely surf restaurants menus for ordering food. You can see local weather updates while planning an outing with the family or others. You will also get access to the on-demand roadside assistance with this app.

Family Locator

Family locator app is concerned with the parents to track and to get the real-time location of their kids as well as other loved ones. You can send a message from the app and also get them located over the map. Also, it offers a check-in feature to the users.

You are able to manage your contacts as per your convenience. It includes the notify option which sends an automatic notification to the specific person when people leave or enter the particular area. It is beneficial for parents to get notified that the kid has reached home or school.


Qustodio is a child monitoring app, which helps you to manage to look to your child all activities inside that device. It is free to download for both Android and iOS device. It provides a wide variety of recharge plans to install. The main features are location, SMS, email, messenger tracking, communication, and monitoring your children’s social media. Thus, you can block adultery or bad contents. You can quickly instal and easily use this app but a few people avoid it due to its expensive costs. 


Zoemob is a child and family tracking app. Its Family assistant feature helps the families to bond stronger. It is free to download for both Android and iOS device. It has features like location tracking, communication, remote device tracking accessed through the user-friendly interface. It helps to strengthen a family by organizing and sharing commitments by devices. The only disadvantage is that it has too many advertisements. 

The Truth Spy

Truth Spy is created for monitoring your beloved ones such as kids, family, and friends. This app provides access to huge variety of services for tracking a smartphone from anywhere. All these services run in the background for providing a hassle-free experience to the user. This application is very easy to use and reliable for users. Though this app, you can track the real-time location of your beloved ones. The main advantages are a free GPS tracker that tracks the real-time location of the device, completely safe to use, can monitor internet activities, has ambient voice recording, and live call recording.

These applications are very helpful in monitoring your whole family. If you are a businessman or working for any organization, then these applications are the best option to provide safety to your family. 

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