Parkos, The Tool To Park Low Cost At The Airport:

July 30, 2019

Moving to the airport by public transport can be a real odyssey in certain cases, even in cities with a good urban communication network. In the case of flying with children and all the luggage that they entail, for work trips, last-minute trips, at certain untimely hours or for people with reduced mobility, relying on public transport is an option that is directly ruled out.

However, the task of parking at the airport or a few minutes from the departures terminal can sometimes be even more complicated than the airport transfer itself. Allowing you to park your car at the airport parking lot is almost always a luxury within the reach of only a few. Some young entrepreneurs have now found the solution for all these users who, by impossibility or simple preference, opt for transportation in the private vehicle before starting their plane journey. The Parkos airport parking company was born with the mission of making things easier for all those travelers who, by necessity or simple comfort, travel to the airport by car before flying.

The Parkos airport parking operating system is similar to other well-known service comparison platforms to find the low cost on flights or rental cars. The platform works hand in hand with 9 partners with car parks near the different airport. The way to hire the service is simple: in a few clicks, with the help of a device with an Internet connection, you can choose the airport parking with different parking rates that best suits your needs. You just have to visit Parkos, choose the dates of delivery and collection of the car and make the hiring of the online service with a credit card. In addition, if the client prefers, it is also possible to make the reservation online and pay in cash when delivering the car. In a few minutes, the traveler will have a reservation to park your car at the airport and go on vacation with all the guarantees that he leaves his car in good hands.

Do you prefer to deliver the car at the departures terminal and pick it up right there on arrival or do you prefer to park yourself and take your travel keys? Would you like to park your car indoors or do you prefer outdoor parking or valet parking? Do you need shuttle parking? Would you like to enjoy additional services such as refueling, car washing or mechanical inspection? Would you rather leave your vehicle parked in a parking lot that has video surveillance? All these questions and many more have been made by the founders of the company to offer a suitable solution to all users. Parkos allows you to filter the car parks according to the preferred characteristics until you find the ideal low-cost solution at the different airport.

Parkos has been present in the main European airports for 5 years and more than 500,000 customers have tested the platform to find the best parking and compare cheap airport parking rates with others. There are already too many airports that have the help of Parkos and its partners to enable secure parking, with the minimum price guaranteed and with the possibility of canceling or modifying the reservation for free. The company founded by a group of Dutch travelers thanks to an idea born from the complaints of the readers of his blog, allows millions of travelers to find long-term parking at the airport annually, paying even less than for a taxi transfer.

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