A Guide To Going Back To Work After Maternity Leave

July 31, 2019

Going back to work after having a child can be challenging and it is important to try and stay on top of things while you are away. If you have made a conscious decision to try and return after your maternity leave is up, it is vital to ensure that you stay in the loop and aware of what is happening both on and off the scene. If you are certain that you are going to head back to the office, now can be a time of mixed emotions, and for some, it is a time of excitement, and for others, it is a huge worry. 

It is vital that you return in your own time, stay up-to-date with company news, and that you consider the likes of online learning while you are away — obviously only if you have the free time, and if you do not then that perfectly fine too. 

Take Your Time 

Face the facts and accept that plans can change. You might have at first thought that you would be back to work just a mere two weeks after giving birth, but some things do not always go to plan, and you may actually discover that it is double that time, even triple. In the US, you are entitled to twelve weeks of unpaid leave, in which time your job will be protected. It is estimated that one in four new mothers return to work just ten days after the birth of their child, as they are required to support their families. If you are fortunate enough to enjoy a longer leave, then you should try to take your time to recuperate, consider your next steps, and cherish the time you have to spend with your child. 

Using The Cloud 

Keep abreast of all that is happening at work by requesting that you are regularly informed and given insight and updates of unfolding business developments. Ask that you be copied into email chains and suggest segueing your way back to work with the help of the cloud. Cloud services allow you to work from home using live online documents.

Going digital can save a business money and it is useful not to have to rely upon physical documentation. All those who work from the cloud are authorized users and your data is kept enormously safe as long as you employ the right safety procedures and protection

Consider Online Learning 

Being out of work can make you feel as though you are slipping desperately out of touch with what is happening and maybe your employees and colleagues simply do not want to bother you while you are enjoying your maternity leave with your newborn. Before departing, make it clear that you desire to stay current and that you have every intention of returning to work with just as much drive, passion, and motivation as you had previously. 

Being out of work can feel isolating and one out of ten new American mothers are reported to suffer from post-partum depression. To try and fight this, think seriously about enrolling on an online course to keep your brain ticking over, to stay busy, to work towards a qualification that can better your career, and make you feel ready and willing to return to work with vigor, energy, and newfound understanding. Consider the likes of a masters in supply chain management online degree, so that you can better understand supply and demand, origin and delivery, and understanding the global market in fine detail. By studying online, you can work the hours that suit you, and at the pace that complements your current situation.

Keep To a Routine 

Of course, it is not quite as easy as suggesting that you do this and that to maintain a healthy routine while you are away from work, as now you have a child. Having a small child can result in a hectic routine, little sleep, elevated stress, excessive tiredness, and illness. With this said, it is not all doom and gloom as you will have your little one and returning to work will be on the horizon. Continuing with your usual routine might be a struggle, but what you can do is plan the time you have when you find that you have it to yourself. 

Plan your return date, and try to fall into some sort of sleeping, waking, eating, and exercising routine in the run-up to the date. This will make adjusting to early starts and long days easier. Think about daycare and sitters, as well as the practical side of returning to work too. 

The Practical Side of Returning To Work 

Accept assistance from wherever you can, as heading back to work while your baby is still young is not going to be a walk in the park, and you will need to lean on others for reassurance, help, and advice. Think practically before walking back through the office doors and consider which areas are going to be the most difficult to juggle. 

  • Be sensible by getting prepared for work the evening before. So, endeavor to have your uniform laid out before the morning, and know where the items you will need are located. This will save you time and worry, and you will feel far less flustered and irritable if your morning routine does not quite go to plan. 
  • Curate a dinner plan by preparing meals and having them in the freezer. If neither you nor your partner has the time to begin cooking a meal from scratch after work, then creating large batches of food at the weekend and storing them is going to be incredibly helpful and time saving for you. 
  • Hire a cleaner as you simply will not regret it. If your budget allows for it, hire a cleaner to come in and restore your humble abode to its former glory back before you had piles of washing to be done, plates and baby bottles filling the sink, and when the bathroom was spotless and sparkling. 

The above suggestions will make your day-to-day life with a baby more manageable, and although there is no one size fits all solution to added stresses and pressures, they should be able to lighten your load and be a Godsend for most households with a young family. 

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