How To Proceed When You Embark On A T-shirt Designing Project?

August 3, 2019

Do you want to use T-shirts to influence the choice of design? If communicating message, whether individual or promotional, is the goal then the design you must focus on the message itself and use Typography design to bring out the best. The design will be completely different if you want to use T-shirts for commemorating some event. It will be even more unusual if you are going to gift it to someone. T-shirts are excellent gifts created with a personalized touch exclusively meant for someone that spreads warmth and bolters relationships. You can choose a submissive definition T-shirt for gifting that will be a gift that is one of its kinds. Regardless of the purpose, the fundamentals of T-shirt design remain the same.

How to proceed in designing T-shirts will be clear on reading this article.

Why You Need A T-shirt

T-shirts have extensive use for branding where brand promotion is the goal, but without compromising on the fashion aspect. Companies often give T-shirts printed with the company logo and or brand message for business promotion. They may even use T-shirts within the organization to build teams and reinforce the sense of togetherness among employees. In both cases, there are strong branding overtones in the design. T-shirts are even used as event souvenirs and merchandise just like any other apparel sold in the market.

Set The Quantity And Budget

The number and budget impact the T-shirt design, and you must first set the two parameters before proceeding further. That happens because the quantity and budget tell you how many colors you can use because more colors mean more money. Limiting colors can help save money. The printing method would depend on the quantity because some methods are just suited for bulk quantities. But smaller is the order size higher will be the cost of each shirt. Regardless, you need to look into wholesale printed t shirts in order to get the best price.

Evaluate The Printing Options

Production time, materials, appearance, and cost all play a part in choosing the printing method for T-shirts. The more clarity you have about these factors easier, it becomes to select the printing method.

  • Screen printing is the most prevalent and affordable method for T-shirt printing that consists of using a screen to transfer the image on the shirt material by scrubbing ink on the screen. 
  • In the heat transfer printing, vinyl replaces ink to print the design that lasts much longer and looks more vibrant.
  • Direct to garment printing is like using an inkjet printer for printing the design on fabric.

Zero Down On The Design Concept

It begins by brainstorming the design concept after considering various aspects from the type of T-shirt to styles and imagery and going up to the use of colors and typography to bring out the best in the design.

Finally, you must find a designer who understands your vision about the design and capable of giving wings to your ideas that translate into cutting edge designs that stands out from the crowd. And then get hold of a T-shirt printing company that produces the stuff you want.

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